Self-Confidence Comes From Within

The essential professional quality (and sought after) of self-confidence is not innate. Fortunately, it is possible to develop it daily. Having confidence in yourself at work means having faith in your skills, in your ability to accomplish a given job. It is also reflected in the general attitude.

Most of us have a natural tendency to underestimate ourselves, devalue ourselves,t to be confident in our abilities and skills, and consider ourselves capable of doing such a task. In some cases, one can even develop impostor syndrome. And in the end, we don’t dare. We don’t dare to take the initiative, and we don’t dare show what we are worth.

How to improve your self-confidence?

But lack of self-confidence is not inevitable. Instead, by adopting good daily habits, you will strengthen your confidence day after day, assert yourself, and finally, dare to be who you really are and do what you want to do.

Know yourself

It is essential to know who you are to develop self-confidence. Knowing yourself requires introspection and awareness. It knows your strengths and weaknesses. It also knows the deep values ​​that drive us, what we are ready to accept at work, and what we will not accept. 

Accept who you are

We want to be more this, less that, but it is clear that this is not always the case.

We are as we are, we are who we are, and we have to accept it. You may want to communicate with ease, with large gestures, a loud voice, and with confidence, but if you are an introvert, this will not be the case, at least not without a lot of work. So rather than wasting time and energy trying to be someone idealized (that we are not), it is better to accept who we are, with our own strengths and weaknesses. You can feel more confident in who you are by enhancing yourself. Either with your fashion or your hairstyle. Perhaps you can look at a new lipstick that will be an immediate boost to your self-confidence.

Be authentic

Authenticity is the key to all communication and all sincere relationships. Behave as you are, speak as you usually do, do not try to play a role; it will not be natural, and it will show, and deep inside, you will know that you are not showing your natural side. Being the real version of you will allow you to feel more confident because it is who you truly are! And you don’t have to hide anything! 

Ask yourself questions

Questioning is the key to improving your self-confidence. Our desires and needs can change over time, and it’s interesting to stop from time to time and ask yourself the right questions:

  • Who am I really deep inside?
  • What are the deep values ​​that drive me?
  • What do I want out of life?
  • Do I take one step at a time to achieve what I want on a daily basis?
  • How can I make sure I get what I want professionally?
  • Is my work in line with my desires? My needs and desires? 
  • If not, what can I do to make it happen?

These are the questions that make you rethink your future. So take the time to answer them. Knowing what you want and don’t want is a prerequisite for developing self-confidence.

Stop comparing yourself

We dream all the time (and secretly) of being a success, so don’t be such an actor. Stop comparing yourself to others at all costs because we devalue ourselves by doing this.
Setting yourself up for easy challenges and victories is one of the best ways to improve your self-confidence. These are called quick wins. By attaining these challenges, we will quickly collect successes, inflate our egos, and build momentum for even more wins down the road.

At the end of each successful challenge, the feeling of pride will condition us to have more confidence in ourselves. So when you are successful, have finally dared to do or say something, and develop more wins and success, it is essential to reward yourself. So be the better version of yourself because you can be.

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