Getting Christmas Right – Your Way!

The holiday season is a relaxing time with family. Yet, in reality, the build-up can be anything but, and it can also get expensive, with presents and food. Of course, the cost of decorations should go into the actual price of Christmas, but they can be a cost that adds up quickly if not properly planned.

Year-end can become stressful with all this extra money going out but no extra cash coming in. This article helps you reduce Christmas stress and financial woes by allowing you to focus on what matters the most this holiday season.

How do you like your Christmas decorations?

Like most things, Christmas decorations are a matter of personal taste. Whether you are one for subtle, metallic tones or multicolored brightness, the choice is all yours. 

The best advice is to start with your Christmas tree and lights and build everything else around those. A natural tree is likely to be your first option if you want a more natural, subtle look. Alternatively, an artificial tree can work perfectly well with a brighter tone of reds, greens, and golds. 

Either way, you need to combine aesthetics with practicality. Think about whether you can realistically store an artificial tree for the rest of the year. Or how often you can sweep up those stray needles from a real tree. 

How you decorate your tree is literally down to you. The fact is that two Christmas trees will never look the same, so your limit is only your creativity. You can even add a personal touch by making a few unique Christmas tree decorations of your own to show off your festive flair. You could also consider making a batch of a few decorations and swapping them with family members to have a little part of each of you on the tree.

The practicalities of the job

For all the sparkle of baubles and tinsel, you need to make sure your Christmas decorations are held together with secure stuff. Secure baubles with thin wire if you think there is a risk of a young child or pet knocking them down and causing them to break. 

You can also secure trees or strips of lights with cable ties or staples. But, of course, you should also ensure you have the right ladder to reach those hard-to-access corners of your ceiling without causing yourself any injuries.

Think indoor and outdoor

Outdoor decorations can look spectacular and brighten your whole neighborhood. But remember that most of your holiday season will be spent indoors, so ensure that you give the inside as much attention as the exterior. 

You will also be surprised at the amount of savings you can make with subtle changes here and there. For example, instead of paying for an expensive table centerpiece, consider making your own from some holly, candles, and berries. Then, mesh it together with wire, and hey presto. 

Similarly, use brown paper with ribbons instead of wrapping paper. Tablecloths can also be replaced with more miniature decorations or placemats. 

Dancing around the Christmas tree

Everything hinges on the tree. The good news is that, unlike ancient times, Christmas trees now come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You can now fit your tree into your space instead of trying to do a square peg into a round hole.

Again, the choice is yours with your tree. You can even look for a slightly off-shape tree to add some character to your room. A slight blemish can even help fit a tree into a strange, shaped corner or crevice. 

Whether to go for a real tree or an artificial alternative is also one you should try to make nice and early. An artificial tree can seem like a cost-effective option, but it is only good value for money if it is made of suitable quality materials that will hold up year on year. 

Also, think about how your tree will look in the complete décor of your home. For example, is a flimsy artificial tree a good fit? Would a modern-style white tree look better than a traditional green tree? These are all critical questions to ask yourself as you make the most crucial choice of the holiday season.

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