Brookings Institute & CNN are DNC Propaganda

Claiming Democracy and Free Press Are Still Alive in the US

It’s hard to keep a straight face when CNN and Brookings Institute publish their propaganda but sometimes you have to wonder why so many American people fall for this chicanery. I would have thought CNN would have died after they told American viewers not to go onto Wikileak’s site back in 2016 because the government was tracking visitors to their website. I wonder how many millions of Americans took their advice.

Brookings Institution is another think-tank that produces nonsense for those who pay for the production of propaganda passed along as critical thinking. US politicians and academia quote it but it’s just shilling for hire.

The oligarchs fund it and the politicians and academia use it to pass policy. They manufacture the bullshit which then gets spread about onto the masses as the knowledge we must all follow to obtain superior results. Nobody bothers to question their findings.

Look around; the best liberal minds have produced this mess. You can blame it on the other team all day long, but when there is no one left to blame, who owns it?

Brookings Institute on the Democracy Summit

The greatest mind on Earth, Albert Einstein told us in 1949 that the USA was an oligarchy. Unequivocally, he proffers, “It highlights the control of mass media by private capitalists making it difficult for citizens to arrive at objective conclusions, and political parties being influenced by wealthy financial backers resulting in an “oligarchy of private capital”

Yet in 2021, as the US is ranked 23rd as global democracy, the Brookings Institute recommends “key drivers for saving our democracy”:

While there is no silver bullet, some critical drivers include strong laws protecting voting access, vibrant protections against corruption, prosecutorial and judicial independence to underpin the rule of law, meaningful support for independent media, and equitable pro-growth policies to address economic inequality and raise standards of living across demographic lines.

So, just to be clear, the institute which has supported every single policy choice since Albert Einstein declared us an oligarchy, is recommending a solution that still doesn’t solve our oligarchy problem.

Apparently, the great minds at Brookings Institute believe a few minor tweaks ‘here and there’ should solve the gross inequality occurring in the US and abroad. It’s laughable.

They conclude, “The most important single step taken for the state of U.S. democracy, though, was Biden’s emphasis on the passage of national voting rights legislation.”

Voting rights?

The Democratic Party has allowed the Republican Party to install imaginary voting deterrents. How does this address the fact that our government and media have been captured by the oligarchy? Voting rights is another dog whistle for racism. Brookings wants us to focus on identity issues like race and abortion so we won’t question the real causes and conditions which concentration of money and power and a capture free press.

Martin Luther King, Jr. saw through this game plan in the 1960s when he started the Poor People’s Campaign in the Southern US States. After he won the Civil Rights Act, he saw the interconnectedness of our situation. The oligarchs have divided us by class since before our creation as the USA. He was assassinated by the CIA to stop his efforts.

So, let’s take a look at their “independent media” suggestion. Does it involve freeing Julian Assange from capture since he exposed the international oligarchy and their war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan? Does it involve using Wikileaks as a model for the free press?

No, that right there is a red flag.

Who is the savior of the free press? Oh yea, the Facebook whistleblower.

Independent Media

The Brookings Institute link to “independent media” takes you to an article written by CNN who told American citizens to not visit Wikileaks directly to read Hillary Clinton’s emails in 2016. Why did they not want Americans to see for themselves what was on Wikileaks?

It was because the Clinton emails disclosed her campaign was using sources at CNN to discredit Senator Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary. And, Clinton’s campaign was given the questions for a debate hosted by CNN between Sanders and Clinton.

Listen to the propaganda spewed at the Democracy Summit from a Russian journalist the US State Department pulled out to discuss “independent media”:

“I believe that democratic values are very important for our humanity,” said Muratov via a State Department translator. “We need to make sure that killings of journalists need to be discovered, and those who are responsible punished. We need to talk about corruption.”Muratov has accused the Russian government of murdering reporters such as journalist Anna Politkovskaya.

“For some reason, we have allowed lies laced with anger and hate to actually spread faster and further than facts,” said Ressa, who has spoken out about journalism in the Philippines, charging that news platforms there “are biased against facts.”

Again, it’s laughable.

Russia, China, and the entire international community have balked about Biden’s attempt at a democracy summit. The US is ranked 44th for a free and independent press. We’ve been jailing and prosecuting whistleblowers (journalist’s sources) at a higher rate than any other country.

Not to mention USAID has been linked to the CIA in creating propaganda globally, including Haiti, Afghanistan and Syria:

During Tye’s time with Avaaz, which received early financial backing from Soros’ Open Society Foundation, the organization pushed for a no-fly zone again, this time in Syria. Further, Avaaz helped spawn a PR organization called Purpose, which handled public relations for the USAID-funded and al-Qaeda-linked White Helmets organization in Syria.

During the Arab Spring, Avaaz ponied up $1.5 million to “provide pro-democracy movements with ‘high-tech phones and satellite internet modems, connect them to the world’s top media outlets, and provide communications advice,’” according to the BBC.

Avaaz has set up proxy servers in Iran to support the Iran’s Green Movement and orchestrated a “three mile human chain handshake from the Dalai Lama to the doors of the Chinese Embassy in London.” More recently, the organization sponsored a rally demanding an investigation on Capitol Hill in response to the Wall Street Journal’s “Facebook Files” series, which featured Haugen as its source.

In Summary

Global citizens have access to Twitter and the internet. Billions of people use these sources to gain access to independent news sources because they know that each country produces its own propaganda touting itself as the best country on the planet. Brookings Institute is a democratic party bullshit factory.

They repeat the lies over and over again hoping that if they keep repeating them the masses will believe it. However, people are waking up to their situations realizing global leaders are using oppressive techniques. All these NGOs and nonprofit groups are just fronts for the CIA to go into a country and manipulate the leadership and the people.

However, the games they play are only fooling themselves. Democracy Summits and Climate Conferences are just created for the media to cover to report to the people that their “elected officials” are making progress. It’s all theater. It’s a production for the masses – Hollywood East.

The only ones buying it are the faithful media watchers and favored party cultists who have been indoctrinated into the web of deceit and lies. Some call it the machine while others call it the matrix. It’s grinding and churning out propaganda pulling its followers over the abyss. From what I am witnessing, millions will follow them off the cliff as automatons grind it out till the end.

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