How to Restart Your Life Wisely

Have you ever wished that life had a “reset” button? 

Or, maybe you often think about switching everything around and starting over. 

If so, you’re not alone. Many people wish they could get a clean slate and restart their life. Some even do, but the way you go about it can either truly give you the clean slate you want, or make things much more difficult. 

Restarting your life is no small task, no matter how exciting and romantic it might seem to pack up your things and move somewhere new with no plan. 

If you want to press the proverbial reset button, it’s possible. But, it’s important to restart your life wisely and realistically. When it’s done the right way, starting over can boost your overall well-being and change your outlook on life. 

So, if you’re ready to make that leap, we’ve got you covered when it comes to doing it wisely. 

Research Before Restarting

One of the most important things to do before you consider restarting your life is to think about what you want to do and where you want to go. Once you have those desires in place, you’ll have to figure out how you’re going to make a living and where you’re actually going to live. 

That requires quite a bit of planning and research. 

Moving into a new area can be exciting, but it’s also often stressful. In fact, moving is considered one of the most stressful life events you can go through

To cut down on that stress, there are a few things to consider before deciding on a neighborhood, including: 

  • How long is the commute to work or school, if you have a job lined up?
  • What are the schools like?
  • Is it a safe neighborhood?
  • Will you be happy and satisfied in the local area?
  • What are the cultural events that happen nearby?
  • What’s the local shopping scene like?

Of course, you might have additional questions to ask yourself depending on your individual needs. It’s also important to look for a living space that won’t immediately add extra stress to your life. While buying a fixer-upper for next to nothing might seem like a great addition to your adventure, it’s better to choose a place that is “move-in ready” for now and make upgrades later. 

Line Up a Way to Make a Living

Moving to a new place and home won’t be possible unless you have a way to pay for it. Having a job lined up before you head somewhere new is the smartest route to take. It will cut back on stress and help you have a better idea of what you can afford throughout the moving process. 

If it’s been a while since you’ve gone job hunting or had to go through the interview process, don’t sweat it. One of the most important things is to make sure the area you’re moving to has career paths available that you’ll enjoy. Not every small town has a wide variety of job opportunities. Look for a job that will help you to feel fulfilled, satisfied, motivated, and most importantly, safe from common workplace injuries

If you’ve already applied for a job and you’ve made it to the next step in the interview process, congratulations! In today’s digital world, it’s not uncommon for interviews to be held via Zoom or other video conferencing platforms. You can put yourself one step ahead of other candidates by looking your best for those video calls. Dressing for success is always important, but consider upgrading the background of your video calls, too, by setting the stage. Use these tips to make your next interview call look great: 

  • Declutter everything in the background
  • Show off your personality
  • Make sure you have adequate lighting
  • Use a background color that is appropriate for the job you want
  • Feature appropriate work decor

Even if you’re striking out so far when it comes to landing a job, don’t let it get to you. Consider starting a side hustle in the meantime so you can bring in some money while you move. You can invest as much time into a side hustle as you’d like, especially if you’re not working anywhere else. It’s a great way to put your skills and passions to work while making a little extra income. 

Find What You’re Looking For

While we didn’t mean to get that U2 song stuck in your head, restarting your life should have a purpose if you truly want to make it work. Maybe you’re bored, uninspired, or even depressed over the current state of your life. But, what do you want to change, and how do you plan on changing it? 

Think about those things before you officially make the leap to start over. Consider trying things like mindfulness and meditation to clear your head and have better control over your thoughts. When you feel confident in restarting, you’ll invest more time in planning it the right way, making the entire process run smoother. 

Keep these ideas in mind for restarting your life wisely. What you’re looking for is out there, and seeking it out takes a lot of courage – you should be proud of yourself for chasing something new!

Image Source: Pexels

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