Make The Perfect Career Move In 2022

The pandemic has altered the nature of employment for the foreseeable future. For many of us, it has changed our expectations of what we should expect from our careers.

As employees worldwide evaluated their career options in 2021, hundreds of thousands of people turned in their resignation notices. The resulting phenomenon is known as The Great Resignation.

However, finding work fulfillment in 2022 may not necessitate resigning from your current position. Instead, for some, this may entail getting promoted, reinventing their current job role, or even starting their own business on the side to prepare for taking that big step up in the world of work.

Whatever professional shift you have in mind, you can take measures throughout the year to make it a reality. However, before you begin, it is critical to build the proper mindset and prepare for the inevitable setbacks.

Take for reflection 

Try to see disappointments, such as rejections, which we have all experienced at some point, as learning opportunities. If you don’t get the promotion or a new position, ask for feedback on your shortcomings.

Here, we look at some actionable steps you can take to help you make the perfect career move in 2022. 

To understand what you may need to improve on, identify your present strengths and identify potential opportunities. These may likely be outside of your current sector or function. Why not complete a Myers Briggs Testy to get a bigger picture of your personality type and see how that affects how you look at it. 

To ensure that you take the optimal course of action for your chosen career, you should think about more than just a specific role or organization. For example, it would help if you thought about salary, work location, flexibility, and convictions.

Start looking forward

Look around on social networking sites such as LinkedIn and engage with people who are doing things you admire. You may well find that many people will be happy to share about their journey to where they are today and will happily give you half an hour of their time to share some advice. Also, look out for networking events to meet up with people in the industry. 

This is also an excellent time to strengthen any weaknesses you have identified that might be holding you back; are there any courses you could enroll in?

Refresh and revamp your CV

Write a personal statement that offers an employer a detailed picture of what makes you unique, and make sure to place this at the forefront of your application. In addition, have someone else examine your CV to ensure no spelling errors.

These tips will go a long way towards helping you to pull the perfect career move in 2022.

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