How To Upgrade Your Factory’s Efficiency

Have you thought about factory efficiency lately? Chances are that you’ve made some progress towards the technological frontier (otherwise you wouldn’t still be in business), but there’s probably still a long way to go. 

The good news is this: upgrading your factory’s efficiency is easier than you think. What’s more, you can come at it from multiple angles. Here’s what to do. 

Automate Supply Chain Management

As any seasoned factory operator knows, supply chain management is critical for success. If you don’t get it right, inputs won’t arrive when you need them and it’ll be hard for you to keep your production line ticking over efficiently. 

Supply chain management software now exists that makes this process easier. Its basic purpose is to provide you with more data so that you can automate things like input ordering and logistics. It can dramatically reduce inventory administration and can even forecast how many raw materials you need, based on consumer demand. 

Reduce Your Material Waste

How much waste does your factory generate? If you’re like most production facilities, the answer is “way too much.” 

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Why? Because there are now intelligent ways of reducing waste or reusing materials that don’t make the cut the first time around. 

Try the following: 

  • Use less material to package products
  • Reused off-cuts by sending them for re-fabrication with a local partner
  • Recycle any parts that you can’t use directly

Keep Your Plant Organized

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Thanks to multiple interrelated systems, actually characterizing your factory’s structure and layout is difficult. However, new solutions make it easier to create a layout that improves factory efficiency. One of the reasons so many brands are now opting for 3D laser scanning services is to help them keep their plants more organized. 

You want to aim for a system where: 

  • Tools and equipment are in easy reach of workers
  • Packing and shipping areas are integrated with each other
  • Finished goods require minimal processing once they come off the production line

Upgrade Your Equipment

Factory equipment has progressed tremendously over the last twenty years. Plant today can do things that were almost impossible to imagine at the turn of the century. 

If your capital budget allows it, upgrade your equipment. Make sure that you only buy things that offer a positive ROI in the context of your operations. Use advanced equipment that can bring down your servicing and maintenance costs. 

Train Your Employees To A Higher Standard

The days of factories employing unskilled workers are now a long way behind us. In the 2020s, companies need highly professional staff to operate equipment and manage their lines. 

Train employees to get the most out of new equipment to make your factory more efficient. This way, they will be more inclined to stay with you and they’ll make better use of the capital they have available. 

In addition to this, make sure that everyone in the organization understands the company policies. This way, every decision that they make is in service of your brand.

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