How To Be A Conscious Observer

As discussed in the article about awareness, waking up is when the observer appears. We have slowly or suddenly realized our God-consciousness, to now observe what we are thinking and doing. We become aware of self or self-aware. It’s alarming at first, but it’s just the beginning of a journey toward wholeness.

The Role of Conscious Observer

Before this waking up, we were 100% associated with the mind. Now, we observe our thoughts, reactions, actions, and choices as if we were detached viewers. I like to say we become the watcher.

Awareness is the first step to change because we can’t chacan’tnless we need to. This is why awareness is the first step of wellness. We become consciously aware that our decision-making contributes to improving our lives or causing poor consequences. We become co-creator.

Daily Practice or One Moment at a Time

One good way to enhance this mindset is by consciously becoming an observer during the day. Rather than participating in group discussions exuberantly, casually sit back and listen to what others have to say. Absorb the meaning of the words and mull them over, allowing insights and more profound understanding to dawn in your mind. You’ll notice your mind wanting to reject your own opinions or ideas. Let those ideas come and go just like clouds that move into our view and then disappear.

You can also carry this observer mentality into all of your experiences and use it to enjoy a deeper awareness of the world around you. Move about observing yourself and others.

Practicing Brings You Closer to Your Higher Self

By opening our awareness to the world around us, we can experience life on a more profound and meaningful level. However, we often forget that our experiences and interactions with others are filtered through our own set of limiting beliefs, which can alter our perceptions.

By choosing to open our minds and consciously absorb new ideas and concepts, we create a deeper awareness of our existence, and we can see each unique moment as a powerful learning opportunity. As a result, we develop a greater sense of our higher self.

Creative Insight

Rather than trying to force something to happen, detach emotionally from the outcome and turn within to focus on the stream of spiritual wisdom running through you. As you focus your attention on this stream of energy, you will strengthen its intensity and find yourself feeling very inspired and open to divine inspiration.

Connecting to our creative insight can clarify our thoughts, awaken our intuition, and increase our receptivity to innovative solutions. Attempting to force events to shift to our liking is often an exercise in futility, so we can learn to use our creative insight to work on our obstacles in gentler ways. As we detach from our expectations of a specific outcome and tap into the creative inspiration within us, we often find much simpler ways to work around the challenges we face.

In Summary

As a result of connecting to our higher selves, we can engage with our life experiences in a more meaningful and profound way. With the mindset of a conscious observer, you will see and experience your world with a new level of appreciation and wonder every moment, one moment at a time. Every thought and action becomes intentional.

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