Stop The Propaganda And Get Honest

Another Sunday consumption of the propaganda news with all the words from think tanks, academics, and opinion writers across the gamut telling leaders what they should be pursuing as they address the symptoms of today’s woes. Nobody wants to get at the truth of the matter or dig into the causes and conditions. The West is obsessed with using bandaids instead of taking the ax away from the seven-year-old kid.

Instead of using our two brains to outsmart or out strategize each other, why not use our brains to collaborate on the problem. What are all the issues? What do the facts and figures say? Is it popular with the people? Have we even vetted the problem with the appropriate stakeholders?

In most circumstances, the answers are no which is why we never solve the problem. Maybe, sadly, that is the point.

Ukrainian War

The level of propaganda flying around this excursion is unbelievable. All these nation-states trying to block the other’s propaganda is tiring. The US or Europe or Russia claiming the moral high ground is nauseating. These countries are all participants in the tragedy and each side wants you to believe their side so they are restricting opposition while elevating their own noise.

It’s called an argument. In this case, the consequences are staggering. Lives and properties are being destroyed because adults couldn’t settle their disagreements in a rational way. Mainly the rules-based order was corrupted and has been for a very long time. The one person and his media company with the guts to tell us all the truth is living in a maximum-security prison in London while Russia, the EU nations, his home country of Australia, and the US/UK remain silent.

It’s insanity – #FreeAssangeNOW.

Propaganda Rules The Day

While the COVID propaganda was conquering headlines on Mainstream Media, the drumbeats for war were being waged by the US Military-Industrial Center and their mouthpieces in Washington against China. The propaganda was flying to get billions of dollars to support Big Industry by funding “creativity and foster research & development.”

The story was also being sold that we need to work on labor laws to bring “skilled workers” into the USA to work in manufacturing plants.

All of these calls were made with symbolic references to the USA flag since we make it better here in the good ole USA. It’s a load of shit! They are wanting us to change policies so they can import cheap labor.

No wonder trust in government and media is so low. They are all lying to us. Feeding us propaganda that they think we want to hear. No, we want the truth! Stop slinging bullshit and just tell us the truth.


Quit demonizing Vladimir Putin. He’s no worse than George Bush who Michele Obama loves to hug on TV while we all melt. How many innocent civilians have Bush and Barack Obama murdered? What about Joe Biden?

Tell us about all the Nazis and right-wingers who’ve threatened and killed Jews in Ukraine. Are they getting money and weapons from the US and EU? How can that happen with all of Europe’s history and while we watch Israel slaughter innocent Palestinians?

Also, giving taxpayer money to any industry should involve ownership discussion because it’s called capital. When the government gives money to corporations that came from laborers then those workers should own a piece of that corporation. If the owners don’t want to sell a piece of their company, then let them go to the bank and borrow it. If they raised money through stock, they’d be giving up ownership.

Also, there will be no importing of cheap labor into the USA. If the corporations want to lower costs, they’ll have to offer workers shares of stock in the company to offset wages. Worker-owned companies should become the standard going forward.

Also, every media company should disclose its percentage of revenues on the front page or a tagline on the bottom of the TV so everybody can see who really calls the shots. Is it subscribers, advertisers, or a billionaire donor?

Once we start focusing on the truth, I believe we’ll see better decisions being made. Citizens and workers will see how their money is spent. Voters will get involved in the process. Until that happens, it’s a ship destined to hit the iceberg and sink.

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Todd Smekens

Journalist, consultant, publisher, and servant-leader with a passion for truth-seeking. Enjoy motorcycling, meditation, and spending quality time with my daughter and rescue hound. Spiritually-centered first and foremost. Lived in multiple states within the USA and frequent traveler to the mountains.

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