Is Social Media Ruining Your Business

Over the last 15 years, social media has exploded. It began as a few niche websites that barely anyone used, but now it feels as though everyone you talk to is on some form of social media. Not only that but it has also evolved into a tool that most businesses deem extremely valuable. 

It’s argued that every business should use social media, but could it be ruining your company? 

We know the benefits largely revolve around your ability to interact with lots of people. In turn, this can help you drive traffic to your site and gain more brand exposure. 

However, does this come at a cost? What are some of the downsides?

Social media trolls

Unfortunately, social media is full of people that like to abuse others or just purposely be a nuisance. They’re called trolls, and they can be detrimental to your business. If your company keeps getting trolled or abused by users, it can be very damaging to your brand. 

For one, it stops you from using social media for its benefits because the only people interacting with you are trolls. Secondly, it can make account managers leave because they’re sick of being trolled. This costs money as you have to find replacements, and the worst-case scenario is that you get so fed-up with trolls that you respond back to them and damage your reputation. 

Social media bots

Similarly, social media has lots of bots. These are accounts that aren’t created by real people and serve no purpose other than to fill the void. If your business is followed by bot accounts or gets loads of bot interactions, it presents the illusion of success. You look as though your social media strategy is working, but it’s actually not. 

Thus, you can waste a lot of money online without seeing any true benefits in the form of web traffic or sales. 

Can you counter these problems?

The reality is that you can never get rid of trolls or bot accounts. This is something you will always have to deal with. Well, you can block the accounts, but you’re never safe. 

One way to counter this is by attempting to create a social media app for your business. Lots of companies do this because they’re sick of the downsides. Your own app will let you control everything and can ensure that you only interact with your community. Thus, you see the benefits without all of the cons. 

Aside from creating a social media app, you can also consider other secure options that can provide convenience for your target audience, including URL shorteners. These provide safe and simple links that can directly lead your target audience to content on your social media pages. For instance, consider a URL shortener for Twitter to keep your tweets straightforward and brief; this makes it easier for your customers to click on the link. Not only is this step a secure way, but it also creates a win-win situation for you and your audience.

So, does this mean that social media is ruining your business instead of helping it? Honestly, it depends. It depends on your social media experience and who is interacting with you. If you’re able to filter out the trolls and bots, you can enjoy a pleasant experience that benefits your business. Creating your own platforms can help, but it’s not essential for brand success.

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