Ukraine War: We Need Noam Chomsky on CNN Every Night

Americans Need to Hear the Truth Nightly for a Week

During Easter weekend, I got to catch up on my reading which included an interview between Jeremy Scahill and Noam Chomsky about the Ukraine War – or what I call the Russian security excursion into Ukrainian soil. At one point, Noam was striking the comparison of Russia placing missiles along the Mexican border aimed at the US. At what point would the US end all discussions and militarily go remove the missiles?

Free Press vs Propaganda

We need that kind of in your face honesty on national TV so Americans understand how the US/NATO has been using Ukraine since 2014 when they used Neo-Nazis to take over the Ukrainian government causing Russia to take back Crimea. Later, we installed the actor Zelenskyy to play a hero commander/leader of Ukraine fighting Russia and sacrificing Ukrainians who stuck around to watch the show first hand.

Maybe two weeks of Chomsky and the American people would understand how ridiculous the Ukraine War propaganda has become. In the interview with Scahill, Noam says:

You can take a look at The New York Times. It’s the best newspaper in the world, which is not a high bar. Its main thinker, a big thinker, who writes serious articles, had an article, an op-ed a day or two ago, saying: How can we deal with war criminals? What can we do? We’re stuck. There’s this war criminal running Russia. How can we possibly deal with him? 

The interesting thing about that article is not so much that it appeared…One of the leading war criminals in the United States is the man who ordered the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq; can’t go far beyond that as being a war criminal. And, in fact, on the 20th anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan, there was one interview in the press. To its credit, The Washington Post did interview him in the Style section. The interview is worth reading: It’s about this lovable, goofy grandpa playing with his grandchildren; happy family, showing off the portraits he painted of great people he had met. 

So we know how to deal with war criminals. What’s the problem? We deal with them very easily. Nevertheless, this column could appear in the world’s greatest newspaper, which is interesting enough, and not elicit a word of comment, which is much more interesting.

Treatment of War Criminals

Of course, Noam was referring to George W. Bush, the younger. Our news isn’t serious anymore…it’s become silly. Almost laughable. We’ve censored Russian media completely so all Americans get is war propaganda from the State Department or CIA. Think-tank trash funded by the Military-Industrial Complex.

It would be laughable if they weren’t serious, but Washington is serious and the folks in Europe have no problem following Biden off the cliff over the Ukraine War or a war with China. Noam takes it one step further:

The other option is what’s called the Atlanticist program, implemented by NATO. The United States calls the shots and you obey, that’s the Atlanticist program. Of course, the U.S. has always supported that one, and has always won. Now Putin solved it for the United States. He said: OK. You get Europe as a subordinate. Europe goes ahead and arms itself to the teeth to protect itself from an army, which Europe says gleefully, is incapable of conquering cities 20 miles from its border. So therefore, we have to arm ourselves to the teeth to defend ourselves from the onslaught of this extraordinarily powerful force against NATO. I mean, if anybody’s observing this from outer space, they’d be cracking up in laughter. But not in the offices of Lockheed Martin. They think it’s terrific. Even better in the offices of Exxon Mobil.

War Profiteering Over Democracy Battles

So, forget about all the cries about “democracy” – it’s all about profits for the MIC which means kickbacks to the politicians to both parties. Where is the “anti-war crowd” or those against selling weapons to Saudi Arabians, UAE, etc. Even Exxon Mobil is happy with what’s transpiring in Ukraine.

The folks at Democracy Now caught that with William Hartung from the Quincy Institute:

Yes. Well, this is sort of business as usual, but it hasn’t changed under Biden. The GAO said 1,700 people have gone from the Pentagon to the contractors to lobby for them. And then you have people like Secretary Austin coming from the companies to the Pentagon. So, you’ve got this very tight relationship, where often the contractors and the government officials that are supposed to be regulating them are actually almost partners with them in promoting higher spending and more contracts for those countries.

Once again, Russia has warned the US not to get involved in the Ukraine War, so what will be the consequences for the US not listening? How can we play victims when we’ve been warned in advance to stay out of it?

Instead of the ridiculous paid mouthpieces of the MIC talking to our Mainstream Media folks, we need independent journalists and guests like Noam Chomsky and William Hartung. The problem is they have morals and ethics and won’t lie to the American people. They’ll be honest and straightforward. They’ll tell us the truth. We do want the truth, don’t we?

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