How To Secure Your Commercial Property

Knowing that their office space is secure and safe is of the utmost importance for any commercial property owner. A break-in or damage to your company’s property might endanger your company’s viability and upset you and your staff. You may take several precautions to protect your business as much as possible, even though you can’t eliminate the danger of an intrusion or property damage. How can the security of your commercial space be enhanced?

Lockout trespassers

Although it may seem obvious, placing appropriate locks on your commercial property is essential. Many insurance companies demand specific locks for their coverage to be paid out for a loss. So, always lock up your office space when you leave it alone, even if you’re only running out for a team lunch or a brief offsite meeting.

Don’t overlook your windows and doors

Glass doors should generally be avoided because they are simpler for robbers to enter. Steel strips installed around the lock and on the door frame can also strengthen doors. When your company location is unoccupied, windows should be closed and locked. If you feel like you need an additional layer of security, you could also consider installing security bars.

Secure the property surrounding your building

Make sure your external border, such as a wall or fence, is sufficient if you have one. Consider taking it further by incorporating barbed wire into your wall or fence. Keep ladders, tools, and wheeled trash cans hidden, so potential thieves find it more challenging to enter your property.

Utilize CCTV and motion-detecting lights

What other electronic security measures can you implement besides an alarm system to safeguard your company against crime? As previously noted, installing outside motion-detection lights around your company’s property will assist in frightening off any mischievous individuals. Knowing that a company has a surveillance system can deter dishonest people. And even if they do go on and commit a crime, the odds of the police apprehending them increase if you have video of the incident.

Is the temperature right?

Specific stock and items need to be kept at a specific temperature to not damage the quality of the product. You can monitor this with coolers or heaters and regularly check the temperature with a temperature monitor. If something changes, you can know early and prevent any issues.

Control visitor access

Controlled visitor access is necessary for any commercial property. For instance, a sign-in procedure is frequently used in an office setting. Additionally, many workplaces feature turnstiles or speed gates that let authorized staff enter and exit the building. Any employee who doesn’t appear to be wearing identification while on your company property should be questioned. Who is in charge of locking up at the end of the day?

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