OPEC Tells Joe Biden – No More Oil

Joe Biden's Begging For Oil Backfired

The global embarrassment of President Joe Biden going to Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) on his knees begging for oil three months ago has become a nightmare after Saudi Arabia and OPEC told the USA and Europe they would not increase production to reduce high prices, causing significant inflation around the global community.

Not sure why the USA and Biden went to OPEC begging when Russia is part of the oil producer’s collaboration. Higher oil prices help Russia’s ability to fund its war with Ukraine.

According to the AP:

“President Joe Biden on Thursday effectively acknowledged the failure of one of his most significant and most humiliating foreign policy gambles: a fist-bump with the de facto leader of Saudi Arabia, the crown prince associated with human rights abuses.

Biden’s awkward encounter with Mohammed bin Salman in July was a humbling attempt to mend relations with the world’s most influential oil power at a time when the US. was seeking its help in opposing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the resulting surge in oil prices.”

Jill Colvin, Associated Press

Russia and Saudi Arablia Know Their Position

Furthering the smack in the face, both MbS and Vladimir Putin know their decision will cause Biden’s presidential approval ratings to drop right before the midterm elections next month. So eating heavy dishes of crow may just be starting for Europe and the USA as winter quickly approaches.

For this journalist, Joe Biden didn’t show much respect to the family of Jamaal Khashoggi and the global journalist community knowing that MbS was responsible for the murder and dismemberment of Khashoggi while seeking safety in a foreign embassy.

Biden was right during his campaign against Trump when he called MbS and Saudi Arabia a “pariah state.” That was before Biden and Europe needed a favor to save them from their sanctions against Russia.

Invest More in Alternative Energy

Shall I repeat what I just said, invest in alternative energy sources besides fossil fuels. Instead of being so dependent on OPEC (Russia and Saudi Arabia), maybe the Atlantic Elites should have started decades ago to wean themselves off oil; gained energy independence by investing in alternative energy versus wars in the oil rich states.

With U.S. oil refineries running at 91% capacity, oil market experts say prices will only increase slightly in the U.S. However, anyone heading to the pump this past week knows our reality. Also, higher gas prices mean higher inflation. With prices still rising, it supports the Federal Reserve’s continued hiking of interest rates. Higher interest rates slow the economy causing job losses.

Biden’s self-inflicted wounds were captured accurately by AP’s Jill Colvin, who wrote:

“Rising gas prices would be bad news for Democrats heading into the final stretch of the midterm elections, while Republicans remain eager to capitalize on the decades-high inflation and rising cost of living, with high gas prices a constant reminder as voters fill up their tanks.”

Closing Statement Against Joe Biden Delivered Next Month

Anyone with access to Facebook can read the comments and memes hammering Joe Biden for increasing prices at the pump, higher utility costs, higher food prices, etc. While the POTUS has limited control over inflation which skyrocketed after years of Quantative Easing by the Federal Reserve, he’s going to get the blame for being in the White House.

So get ready for the political attack ads as the election nears.

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