5 Tips to Optimize your Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity rewires your brain, whether you want to build a new habit or get rid of an old one. And while rewiring your brain might sound pretty complicated, it’s something you can do at home.

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s capacity to change and adapt. Understanding how this works will help you meet your goals. The concept of neuroplasticity is based on the understanding that your brain is always in flux— constantly changing shape according to your experiences and environment. When you engage in a new activity or start a new routine, it becomes easier to repeat similar actions because the synapses associated with that activity grow stronger—literally rewiring your brain.

It’s a process that can be enhanced with healthy habits and positive thoughts. Adora Winquist, Founder of The Soul Institute, author of the alternative medicine book “Detox, Nourish, Activate: Plant and Vibrational Medicine for Energy, Mood, and Love,” meditation expert, modern alchemist, and expert in the field of aromatherapy and crystals, share her top 5 tips to optimize your neuroplasticity.

Consistency is key. Like most things in life, the more you practice, the better you become. In this case, building lifelong healthy habits as early as possible builds your neural networks and strengthens your synaptic connections. Carpe diem and start making positive changes that will benefit your future health and happiness. 

Essential Oils

Using pure essential oils via Inhalation supports anti-aging, neuroprotection, and emotional repatterning. Adora created Aromatic Neural Repatterning™ (ANR), a modality to rewire the brain for positive experience expectations and to clear past traumatic patterning with specific essential oils and mindfulness techniques. Essential oils such as Eucalyptus and Lavender have lengthened attention spans and recall capacity.


Cultivating a consistent, daily meditation practice of 20 minutes can offer significant mind-body benefits. Meditation can lower stress, reduce inflammation, and increases emotional resilience. It can also enhance productivity. Structural differences can be seen in the brains of long-term meditation practitioners.  


Eat up, it could help your memory functional connectivity. Specifically, consuming blueberries which are high in antioxidants (the ability to “soak up” toxins in the body), can maintain and even grow new brain cells. Certain foods also help produce healthy neurotransmitters such as serotonin (seven-hydroxytryptophan) which helps keep you calm and relaxed but gives you energy simultaneously.

Brain food’s healthy fats like Cod Liver oil and other Essential Fatty Acids (EFA), superfoods like turmeric and Goji, and whole foods nutrition. Add a few walnuts, high in Omega 3 fatty acids, to your favorite smoothie or salad. 


Consistent exercise supports more than just a fit body. It supports neurotransmitter release, including endorphins, to keep the brain, body, and heart feeling good. Three to five workouts of your favorite type of movement a week will also generate greater clarity and immunity.  It can be a daily jog around the neighborhood, yoga followed by meditation, playing catch with the kids, or dancing at a club.

Movement increases brain power, while tension and stress can rip apart the neurons and release toxins that damage synapses. Don’t take your movement for granted.


Listening to your favorite music can be more than uplifting. Research shows that consistent, long-term musical immersion supports the brain in releasing dopamine. Have you heard of the Beethoven effect on brain enhancement? Therefore, give your favorite concerto a go for 10 minutes a day for a week, and notice the changes in your mental and emotional outlook.

adora winquistAuthor Adora Winquist is a visionary in the nascent field of Quantum Alchemy, an evolutionary transformative path for self-mastery which facilitates healing at the DNA level using an amalgamation of plant and vibrational modalities.

Adora’s passion is supporting women in the awakening journey of the Divine Feminine, encouraging women globally to source new levels of personal empowerment.

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