Jobs: 3 Ways To Fill Your Job Openings

You’ve got some new jobs up for grabs and want the best candidates to fill these roles. Consequently, you’ve started the recruitment process by creating job listings and descriptions. You posted them on your website, but you aren’t getting a lot of inquiries. Unfortunately, your jobs won’t be seen if your site doesn’t have good SEO. 

So, how do you gain more exposure for your listings? These three tips will help you out.

Post on social media

Social media is always a smart way to get something seen by loads of people. Posting your job listings on LinkedIn is a great idea, as many people use this platform to find work. But posting on sites like Facebook and Twitter can still help you. It allows others to see the listings and apply for the jobs. Or, someone could see the listing, think about a friend looking for a job, and point them in the right direction. 

List your jobs on search sites

There are dozens of online search sites where people can look for jobs. It’s a simple concept; you need a job, so you go on these sites and search for specific roles or jobs in certain industries/locations. Then, you’re presented with all the results. It’s the number one way most people find work, so you must ensure you’re on as many sites as possible. 

Moreover, ensure that you find industry-specific sites too. These websites are created to cater to your industry, ensuring you find individuals with experience to suit your roles. You’ve got places like Wegman Partners to help law firms find employees, or you have sites like Marketing Week that specifically list marketing jobs. You can broaden your reach by looking for sites specific to your industry. 

Go offline as well

Don’t forget about the traditional ways of listing jobs. Try to post yours in the local paper or a magazine related to your industry. You may also contact job centers to inform them of your new openings. When unemployed individuals go to these centers looking for work, they can be told of the jobs if they suit them. 

Why do you need more exposure?

Why is it good to get lots of exposure for your job listings? Simply put, it ensures your posts get seen by as many people as possible. Therefore, you increase the chances of finding the most talented individuals to become awesome employees. You could miss out on so much talent if your jobs aren’t easy to find. There might be an incredible individual that’s the perfect fit and could help your business succeed, but they won’t know about the job opening because they couldn’t see or find it. 

With that in mind, call upon these three tips to spread the word as far as possible. It will improve the recruitment process for your business by ensuring you find the best candidates for every role.

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