Top 2023 Springtime Fashion Tips for Men

We see significant fashion changes in every season of every year. It feels like every few weeks, a new trend or an older idea comes back into the public eye. For those looking to stay ahead of the curve, here are some of the top 2023 springtime fashion tips for men to consider in the upcoming season.

Emphasize Denim

Denim is one look that always stays in style. A pair of comfortable jeans works with almost any outfit, and the specific style of blue jeans is all that shifts. However, we’re seeing a comeback of the denim-on-denim look, which involves pairing those jeans with a matching denim jacket.

Side-Part Haircut

The side-part haircut is a bold and popular choice right now. It allows men to mix a more casual, natural look with something that still feels professional. You want to style your hair to showcase a distinct part on one side of your head while keeping the undercut much shorter or faded. Men looking for this style should focus on maintaining healthy hair and balancing the length with their stylists.

Bold Brand Shirts

Fashion favoring bold button-up shirts or the classic Guy Fieri fire shirt fades in and out, but these boldly branded shirts are among men’s top 2023 springtime fashion choices. These shirts range from highlighting iconic fashion brands like Amiri to displaying your favorite sports team. These bold brand shirts are comfortable and allow men to express their personality and passions through these tops.

Cargo Shorts

It’s not often that cargo shorts get a chance to be on the side of popular fashion, but when they are, it’s a good idea to jump onto the trend. Despite being comfortable, functional, and versatile with nearly any casual outfit, many people snub cargo shorts. However, despite those that look down on them, cargo shorts are back in a big way this year, so find yourself a good pair and enjoy the endless pocket space.

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Dianne Pajo

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