Protecting Your Retail Business From Thieves

Starting a retail store requires some serious investment in time and money. Getting all the stock you need, marketing your business, and then paying employees can easily save you a huge amount of money. So the last thing you want to happen is to have people steal from your store or break into your business.

A retail business is highly susceptible to break-ins and shoplifters, especially if you fail to protect it sufficiently. So in this post, let’s look at some of the best ways to protect your retail store and give you some information on how thieves exploit your store.

Protecting your store from shoplifters

Shoplifters operate covertly. They often have many strategies to hide from your staff and surveillance, which you won’t notice unless you do frequent stock checks. So here are a couple of strategies to deter shoplifters.

  • Make use of security cameras. Security cameras are valuable for deterring shoplifters, especially in clear view. They also provide video evidence if you catch someone stealing from your retail store.
  • Don’t use dim lights. Bright lights will deter thieves from trying to steal from you. If your store is too dim, they can use dark areas and blindspots to steal from you.
  • Store high-value items closer to you. High-value items should always be kept close to you or your staff. For instance, expensive liquor and similar items are stored behind a counter to prevent people from stealing them.
  • Always be on the lookout for shoplifters. Don’t let your guard down. Always watch suspicious people in your store, and don’t assume that somebody won’t steal from you based on their appearance alone.
  • Train your employees to spot shoplifters. Your employees should also be on the lookout for shoplifters. Help them identify them and give them access to your CCTV system so that they can confirm their suspicions.

These are just some of the ways that you can identify and deter shoplifters. Protecting your business from thieves is important, and you should never overlook its importance. Don’t get complacent with thieves–make sure you’re always vigilant about deterring and uncovering them.

Protecting your store against break-ins

Break-ins aren’t common, but you should never make yourself an easy target. Protecting your store against break-ins could be as simple as trimming the trees and branches around your store or having shutters to protect your glass windows.

How do people break into stores?

In most cases, a thief will wait until out of business hours before they break into a store. They’ll usually identify a weak entry point, such as an old window or a wooden door. They’ll break in with whatever available tools, or they might use a lockpick if they want to stay quiet while stealing from you. Thieves can also access a retail store if they have the key to it. This normally only happens when you’ve been pickpocketed or if the thief uses social engineering to obtain a key. For instance, they could pretend to be contractors and convince your staff to let them into your storeroom.

However, it’s also worth mentioning that employees can also become thieves. They may be frustrated with their work conditions and decide to take something from you. CCTV is one of the best ways to identify potential thieves on your team, and it also provides video evidence in case you need to confront someone.

Securing your store

  • Make sure your locks are strong. If you haven’t replaced the locks recently, it might be worth doing to give you peace of mind knowing that your locks are sturdy. You’ll want to contact a commercial locksmith to help you install the right locks for all your doors and storage cabinets. They’ll also be able to offer recommendations on different kinds of locks and forms of protection.
  • Ensure your CCTV system works. Failing to do this will mean you’ll have no evidence of a break-in and fail to deter thieves if they know your surveillance system isn’t working or is broken.
  • Keep the area around your store clear. Remove any blindspots, such as trees and bushes, and ensure your cameras have a clear line of sight to all possible entry points.

Protecting your store is a good way to prevent business disasters. Protect your goods and store by employing simple countermeasures, and you’ll have more peace of mind.

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