Setting Up Your Company for Sale

There often comes a time when selling your business is the right move. But more is involved than just signing your name at the bottom of a contract. Here are some tips to start.

Selling Your Business the Right Way for Profit

It is best to get your business ready for a sale. This should begin no less than one year before you plan to sell. This helps make sure the company is in good order for a transfer. Of course, this is a long process and requires some professional help. A business brokerage firm can help you with this. Brokers can use their knowledge to handle complex procedures, saving you some time. Of course, this will also cost you, so be prepared for brokerage fees.

List the Reasons Why

Deciding to sell your business isn’t an easy decision to make. Yet understanding why you want to sell can help you sell faster and to the right people. Common reasons for a business sale include retirement, becoming ill, or simply getting bored with what you have been doing for years. You can also consider selling your business for a profit if it isn’t making any money. Although, if this is the case, you may be unable to sell at the price you wanted.

Time It Right When Selling Your Business

Preparing for the sale of your business is a great start. But there is more to it. Even the best plans won’t help if the timing is wrong. However, preparing well will help you wait for the right time. You can use your time well to find relevant financial data, change your corporate structure, and even find ways to increase profit. Then, when things are improving, you can offer your business for sale and even negotiate a better price than before.

Gather Legal Documents

As you will know, a modern business relies on record keeping. This ranges from purchase orders of office supplies to manager bonuses and, of course, taxes. Therefore, you can help your sale by gathering previous tax returns, equipment ownership documents, and all previous sales. You can also assemble these documents in a briefing or presentation with an outline. And, of course, don’t forget to make copies for your records.

Make a Plan for the Proceeds

You can potentially make a big profit when you sell your company. And waiting for this money to come in can feel like a long time, especially if you need it or have plans. However, there are some considerations you need to make before planning how to use the proceeds. For example, the average ROI on a business sale is 300%. But you will have to pay tax from the sale, so deduct this from what you expect. You may also have debt and long-term use for the money.


Selling your business is a great way to pass it on and make money. But you must prepare it for sale first, get the timing right when listing, and know how to use the sales proceeds.

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