3 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Masonry Drill Bit

Masonry drill bits cut through stone, cement, brick, brick mortar, and concrete. An old or compromised bit can damage your material and draw out the timeframe of your project. Discover three signs it’s time to replace your masonry drill bit.

It’s Broken or Bent

Masonry bits are durable and will typically work well for a long time. But whether from regular use or an incident such as dropping the drill, the bit can bend or break. If the masonry bit is broken, chipped, or bent, replace it with a bit that’s in good condition.

Damage is one of the top reasons drill bits won’t stay in place when cutting a hole. If the bit doesn’t sit straight in the chuck, it will rotate in a poor pattern rather than create clean lines. If you notice any damage, don’t take a chance on using the bit.

Rust Is Building Up

Rust is another possible sign that it’s time to replace your masonry drill bit. Oxygen and humidity can cause bits to rust and weaken. Drill bits typically have a rust-proof coating, but the coating wears away with use.

Sometimes, you can remove the rust and still use the bit. You can try to remove the rust by covering the bit completely with mineral oil. Let the oil sit for 20 to 30 minutes, then scrub the rusty spots. Wipe the drill bit clean and only use it once dry.

Consider applying an anti-corrosive lubricant to your drill bits regularly; follow the product manufacturer’s instructions to ensure correct application. Also, consider placing a dehumidifier where you store the bits.

The Cutting Edge Is Worn Down

Use a bit with a sharp cutting edge for the most efficient machining and quality results. If your drill bit is worn down, replace it with a sharper one.

You don’t necessarily have to get rid of the worn bit—you may be able to resharpen the tool and bring it back to working condition. A bench grinder sharpens bits quickly, but be sure to follow your equipment owner’s manual for safe and effective sharpening. You will want to keep the bit cool and sharpen it evenly to protect it and prolong its usability.

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