Common Metal Coating Types Everyone Should Know

Industries all over seek metal out to use in their applications for its durability, strength, and versatility. The material continues to be popular today, but most types of metal corrode fast, and without the right tools, the metals wear and become brittle over time, decreasing their longevity. The best way to ensure that metal items are always in the best condition is using one of the common metal coating types, and here are some that everyone should know.

Electroplate Polishing

Electroplate polishing is a popular method mainly used in metal fabrication plants. This process involves adding a thin layer of metal onto an object’s surface, where it will protect the undersurface from corrosion and cracks.

How Is Electroplating Done?

Electroplating is a process that uses an electrolytic solution. The electrolytic solution gets used as the anode for the coated metal. The electrolytic process uses electrical currents in its cells to move metal ions from the cathode—the coated metal—to the anode—the non-coated metal.

Galvanize Coating

Galvanizing is a known method relying on mostly molten zinc-bathed iron or steel. Still, any metal type can use galvanization. The process requires metal to get dipped into a bath of molten zinc, where the surface gets coated with a zinc carbonate layer.

Why Is Galvanizing a Suitable Metal Coating?

Galvanizing is a great metal coating because it applies to many applications, such as the agricultural industry. Many farmers use steel or iron-based heavy machinery daily that erodes over time, so galvanizing enhances a metal’s surface by blocking out corrosion and other extremities in the environment.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a process that, as the name states, uses a powder solution to coat metal. The coating works by using oppositely-charged electrostatic pulses—these opposite charges help the coating stick to the metal’s surface.

What Should You Know About Powder Coating?

Powder coating is also considered an industrial coating type and is one of the most popular methods for warehouse heavy machinery. Industrial coatings improve a structure’s surface quality to withstand corrosion from high temperatures and wear from daily use and adds a nice shiny appearance. Powder coating is preferable for industrial purposes because it’s durable and customizable, so you can have a potent formula that fits your needs.

Use one of these common metal coating types to improve your object’s surface. Whether you want to extend your heavy machinery’s life or add a shiny appearance, having one of these coatings helps you reach those production goals.

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