Curbing Your Addictive Personality

It is possible to curb your addictive personality and work on improving your life. All of us have our struggles, and there are many reasons why you may have yours. Under no judgment, you can help yourself by speaking with friends and family and making healthier lifestyle choices.

Seek Guidance to Work on the Cause

There is almost always an underlying cause for behavioral and personality disorders. Some are very apparent; others require professional treatment, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, to bring them to light. Maybe you have seen and done things people aren’t supposed to, such as police officers, firefighters, or soldiers. PTSD treatment for veterans and other heroes is available through various organizations. You need to take the first step and make the call.

Talk to Friends and Family

Sometimes, you only need to sit down and discuss issues with those closest to you. This is effective if you aren’t ready to speak to an expert yet, and it might be all you need to see things from another angle. Sometimes, your actions can affect others, and talking it through can help. At the very least, talking allows all involved to express their concerns, including yourself. This will also help you to feel less isolated when dealing with issues.

Curb Your Addictive Personality with Healthy Socialization

It’s very common for people with similar bad habits to hang out with each other, which can be a huge reason you struggle to overcome your issues. It can be hard to stop seeing these people because you see them as friends. But the sad truth is that they are not your friends more often than not. Some may use you to buy their drugs and alcohol, and others can seek to manipulate or exploit you. It always helps to cut off all ties with people who engage in these activities with you.

Adapt to Healthier Habits

Addictive issues may stem from trauma and experience, but they stick with you because they simply make you feel better. But believe it or not, there are other healthier choices you can make for the feelings you get when you seek substances, drink, or whatever it is that you are addicted to. For instance, exercise can be hard to begin and harder to carry on. But once you get used to it, running and jogging, for example, rebalance natural serotonin production.

Recognize Your Triggers to Avoid Them

You often use it out of emotion; some triggers can overwhelm your emotions, causing you to use more. However, you can learn to spot these by getting clear-headed and being mindful of a situation that caused you to engage in harmful behavior. Are there certain people around you? Is there a specific feeling that triggers you? Even certain songs and movies can motivate you to feel like you need a fix because of any associations you formed while using.


Expert guidance can help you curb your addictive personality. It also helps to socialize with people who are good for you. And you can learn to spot any strong emotional triggers.

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