Trade Fairs: Making Your Booth Stand Out

Trade fairs are some of the most important events for your business, and while they may look all colorful and exciting, they can be very stressful and feel a bit like a war zone for a business that’s trying to get its name out there. Every exhibitor who creates a stand at a trade show is there to outdo everybody who turns up. If there are 100 trade show stalls, there are going to be 100 competing businesses, which means that they will be going all out with their decor, their merchandise, and their sales to be able to beat everybody in their industry.

Trade shows are generally industry-based. You’ll often have them focused on weddings or specific industries such as marketing or sports. The competition can get very fierce at a trade show, which means you need to be the one that stands out the most with the best promotional products and sales options. Offering discounts at a trade show is a bright idea because not only do you want to ensure that people see what you can do, but you also want them to keep coming back over and over again to shop with you. Here are some things you can do to make your trade show booth stand out more than any others.

  • Advertise on social media. Not just social media, of course, but you should not stop advertising your booth. If the event is 6 months from now, you’re already late. You need to get on the radio, social media, podcasts, and everywhere you can to spread the word about your business and the fact that it will be at this specific trade show. Doing this will help to increase your reach, and even people who have never been to the trade show before will want to come because they’ll want to see what you’re up to and what you are offering in terms of promo products.
  • Get together with publications. There are plenty of media people who cover a trade show, from newspapers and radio to even TV shows. You need to link up with some of your local publications so that the world can get out there via print media and online media that you will be there. You need to connect with new reporters and bloggers and ensure that the podcasters out there can talk about your company and give it a profile.
  • Be personal about it. When you’re at the trade show, you will be surrounded by vying competitors who are clamoring for attention from all the customers looking to go past your booth. You need to make it as personal as possible. Treat every visitor for who they are, and make sure you start a conversation about why they’re at the trade show and ask them questions about themselves, not just about what they plan to buy. You will be a winner if you can do that while handing out promotional products and doughnuts.

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