A Guide To Year-Round Home Maintenance

Owning a home is a considerable investment requiring constant repairs and upgrades. Unfortunately, many homeowners fail to understand the importance of regular maintenance until something breaks and needs replacing. This often leads to costly repairs, which you probably could have done without, especially at this time of the year. So, let’s look at some home maintenance tips so you don’t forget about them.

One thing to remember is that home maintenance involves both inside and outside of your home. Both will need regular checkups and minor repairs to keep up with the elements and other general wear and tear.

Repaint your exterior walls

First impressions matter, and if the paint on the outside of your home looks dull or has chipped over time, it’s likely your home isn’t make a good first impression. Also, a solid layer of paint can help prevent moisture from seeping into the walls. Any time you notice it peeling or chipping away, give it another coat of paint for a great-looking and well-sealed home.

Trim back trees

If you have trees near your home or branches over your roof, then it’s a good idea to trim them back. If these branches fall, they could damage your roof and land you with a costly repair bill. If you’re not experienced in trimming back trees, it’s best left to the professionals. Hire a tree service like 72tree.com to come in and trim back your trees. It’ll look much nicer, and you’ll be safer, too.

Clear out your garbage disposal

Over time, food particles and debris will build up in your garbage disposal. As these items decay, they will begin to smell and release bacteria into your home. Clearing this out helps prevent this, keeping your home free of nasty smells and unwanted bacteria.

Check your HVAC

HVAC plays a large role in keeping your home at the right temperature. The filters inside work better when they are free of any dust. Regularly check your HVAC filters, clean and replace them to aid in its function and prevent large energy bills from coming through the door.

Clear out your gutters

Gutters that are full of leaves and branches will cause lots of problems to your home such as being weighed down and pulling the roof down with it. Clean your gutters regularly (experts recommend once a season) to prevent this from happening and to keep any insects and rodents at bay.

Create an annual checklist

Finally, home maintenance isn’t easy, and you won’t always remember every single task at hand. Don’t let yourself forget by creating an annual home maintenance checklist. Mark it on your calendar when you need to clear your gutters, write a little note to remind yourself to clear your HVAC filters, and so on.

This list is far from exhaustive, but it’s a great place to start. Add any maintenance tips you pick up along the way!

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