When Should You Incorporate AI Into Your Business?

AI is already disrupting various business sectors thanks to its ability to streamline operations and support decision-making. 35% of businesses use AI, and uptake will likely increase over the coming years. 

AI technology will likely become more sophisticated and valuable as more organizations implement it. If you’re considering how to incorporate AI into your business and wondering how to do so, ask yourself which aspects of your operations could use improvement and consider how automation could help. Here are three common scenarios that are the ideal time to incorporate AI into a business.

1. Repetitive tasks slow down your operations

Improved efficiency is among the most common and successful ways businesses can use AI. Knowledge workers spend 62% of their working hours on mundane, repetitive tasks related to inputting, transferring, and reconciling data. AI can automate these processes to free up workers’ time to focus on strategic and creative tasks that require human insight. 

If your business is experiencing delays or high costs due to high levels of repetitive tasks, it’s a great time to incorporate AI to streamline your processes. As a helpful side-effect, workers may enjoy better job satisfaction when they no longer have to spend time on mundane tasks.

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2. You have too much data and not enough insight

Digital technology has allowed businesses to collect various data points to extract insights that could help make their business more efficient, competitive, and successful. It can be challenging to make the most of massive data because it’s so time-consuming to manage and analyze it. 

AI can process and interpret large volumes of data significantly faster than humans, and it can deliver insights, foresight, and predictions to help leaders make more informed business decisions. If you have complex business data available but are not making the most of it, it could be an excellent opportunity to introduce AI.

3. Your customer experience is lacking

AI chatbots can deliver instant, 24/7 customer support to quickly reduce response times and resolve problems. It can also analyze the sentiment of customer feedback to help you implement positive changes to the customer experience. 

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AI can even predict customer needs and preferences, and it can deliver tailored product information or recommendations based on each customer’s unique shopping and browsing habits. 3 in 4 consumers will spend more money with a business that provides a good customer experience, and AI can optimize the customer experience like never before. 

Suppose your business is receiving poor feedback about the customer experience. In that case, it’s an excellent time to implement AI to help you improve communications, streamline customer service tasks, and deliver a more personalized service.

Implement AI that supports your business goals

AI can be incredibly valuable, but only if you utilize it in a way that aligns with your business goals and solves real problems. Consider your aspirations for the business first, then see what AI could do to help you achieve them.

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