4 Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction Scores

Patient satisfaction scores are commonly used to indicate how well a healthcare provider is doing and the quality of care they provide. If scores are on the lower end, then it’s likely a provider isn’t meeting the needs of their patients, and they have let standards slip somewhat.

It goes without saying that higher patient satisfaction scores are not only good for healthcare providers but also for patients too, as those practitioners who delivered higher results often got the best outcomes for their patients.

These are some ways you can improve patient satisfaction and give your patients the best experience and care you can provide.


It doesn’t matter the type of treatment they received initially. Patients require a timely follow-up for their care so they can share their experience with you, express their satisfaction levels, give any feedback, or ask any questions. You should be making follow-up calls or contact a priority as this will help you to make improvements and rectify any issues immediately so your patients are getting the care they need.

Improve Communication

Communication is a two-way street, and you need to make sure this street is clear both ways from the patient to you and vice versa. While technology has increased methods of communication and made it easier than ever to get in contact with patients, it’s important not to let technology take over. Face-to-face or human contact is still an essential aspect of communication, and patients want to be able to talk to you or your team regarding their care with you, not just converse via email or chatbots via your website. While these can all be helpful, don’t neglect the power of human contact.

Transparency Is Key

Be honest and open with your patients about all aspects of their health and what their treatment and care will look like going forward. Be upfront about costs, treatment delays, their options, and what you can provide for them. Patients who feel they have all the information they need about what is happening in terms of their health are often more confident in the treatment plans being put into place and are happy with the service they receive over those who don’t feel like they know what is going on.

Invest In Quality Supplies

All of your patients are individuals, and as such, you need to make sure you are investing in supplies and equipment that can help you deal with a broad section of the population. The more flexible you are with your supplies to accommodate different people’s abilities, heritages, and finances, the more you will be able to do what is best. From dentists using Omnichroma composite for better blending with patients’ own teeth to using supplies that can elevate your care on a more personal level such as equipment and tools that are designed for more obese patients or those with limited mobility, not the standard equipment that can eliminate some of your patients due to not being suitable.

All of these details will help you improve the service standard and ensure that your patients are happy and satisfied with each interaction with you and the ongoing treatment moving forward.

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