What Are Rugged Devices and When Do You Need Them?

Technology is woven into every aspect of modern life and modern industry. However, standard laptops or cellphones might not work well, or at all, in extreme industrial or climate conditions. Rugged can withstand harsh conditions that standard devices cannot. These devices come in different forms, depending on the level of endurance required. Learn what rugged devices are and when you need them.

What Are Rugged Devices?

Rugged devices are usually electronic equipment that operate reliably in harsh environments and conditions. They may be phones, switches, laptops, scanners, printers, GPS devices, or other electronic hardware. They come in three basic classes:


Semi-rugged devices withstand minor shocks, vibrations, and exposure to dust and moisture. They are typically encased in a protective housing and have reinforced screens to prevent damage from drops and impacts.


Fully-rugged devices take durability to the next level. They hold up to more severe shocks, drops, vibrations, and extreme temperatures. These devices are perfect for use in environments where they may be exposed to water, dust, or extreme weather.


Ultra-rugged devices are the pinnacle of durability. They can function in the most extreme conditions imaginable. Whether it’s extreme cold, heat, or even explosive atmospheres, these devices can handle it.

Applications Where Rugged Devices Are Necessary

Rugged devices play a critical role in various industries where standard devices would not survive.

Oil and Gas Industry

Rugged devices are necessary in the oil and gas industry, near chemical spills, and possibly explosive environments.

Wastewater Management

Wastewater management often requires employees to work in hot and potentially corrosive environments. Rugged devices can handle these conditions and operate reliably.

Mining Operations

Mining operations have workers operating in gritty, dusty, hot, humid, and potentially hazardous conditions and using heavy machinery or explosive materials that create shocks and vibrations. Rugged devices ensure safe and efficient operations.

Emergency Response

Emergency response teams often work in unpredictable environments following natural disasters, fires, explosions, or rescue operations in remote locations. Rugged devices can withstand disastrous conditions and provide reliable communication.

Military Deployments

Military deployments often require service members to conduct operations at sea, in the air, or in jungles, deserts, or the tundra. Rugged devices ensure military personnel have reliable communication, regardless of the conditions.

When To Invest in Rugged Devices for Your Business

Rugged devices are important investments for your business if your operations involve harsh or hazardous conditions. Just as the different industrial thermometer types monitor machinery, employees need to monitor their daily operations. Rugged devices are the key to keeping your business running when harsh conditions are an ordinary feature of daily work.

Understanding what rugged devices are and when you need them can improve the efficiency, safety, and success of your operations. These devices provide the reliability necessary to operate in the most challenging conditions.

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