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Why Managers Should Encourage Upskilling Within Their Teams

Every manager hopes to lead a productive, motivated team of professionals who are committed to seeing the company succeed. In order to foster this kind of dedication within a workforce, you need to be open to encouraging progression and development. Usually, this will be through offering training opportunities that allow your team to fine-tune their skill set and expand their knowledge.

It’s clear that managers should welcome upskilling if they want to lead a dynamic and enterprising workforce. But, how does such a successful team support the company as a whole, and help it to expand into new avenues? Let’s take a look.

Drives the company forward

It’s important for employees to have knowledge of the best practices in their industry, and be well equipped with the tools that they need in order to perform at their best – this is how they will help to drive the company forward as a whole. To stay on top of the ever changing industry trends in this way, upskilling is key. Ultimately, the more extensively an employee is trained, the more they have to offer the company, and the less likely a manager is to have to hire in to cover new roles and responsibilities.

Upskilling can even be key to ensuring the safety and security of a company. For example, with technology becoming increasingly advanced and the risk of cyber scams only more prevalent, it’s never been more crucial for employees to receive cyber security training. Without the opportunity to upskill in important areas such as this, companies will find it hard to get ahead of the curve, or even expand their organisation without facing threat.

Attractive to future applicants

When it comes to their careers, most professionals are eager to climb the ladder of success within their organisation, achieving new roles as time passes and their skills and experience develop. Offering such opportunities can be key to retaining trusted employees, and can even help to attract new job candidates too.

Few people want to take a job in which they won’t be able to advance professionally, and any applicants that do seek such a job are unlikely to view the company as an option for them in the long run. So, encouraging upskilling – and being transparent about the fact that you do so – can go a long way in finding and keeping the right professionals for your business.

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Improves employee satisfaction

We spend a considerable portion of our lives at work. While most of us won’t always feel motivated enough to knuckle down day in and day out, it is important to feel satisfied with our work the vast majority of the time.

Ultimately, we all need to experience some amount of change day to day in order to stay interested and inspired by our work – and some sort of aim or goal can be helpful to achieve this and stay motivated and productive. So, by offering upskilling opportunities to your employees, you’re much more likely to find yourself working each day with a team of determined professionals.

Fosters commitment to the company

When it comes down to it, any company or organisation is all about the people – and those people need to be happy and enthusiastic to stay committed to the overarching company goal and achieve results. By offering upskilling opportunities to your team, you’ll create a work environment conducive to progression, and a workforce committed to taking the company to new heights.

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