4 Good Reasons To Invest in Powder Coating

When it comes to protecting just about any surface, paint has historically been the go-to for an inexpensive and attractive method of coverage. But as great as paint is, it has its limitations. It eventually wears out, chips, fades, and otherwise requires repeated upkeep and reapplications to look as good as new. Fortunately, there’s an alternative: powder coating. Consider it before you break out the brushes, drop cloths, and cans for the next round of painting. Here are four good reasons to invest in powder coating.

It Provides Extra Durability

While paint can provide a decent level of protection, it only lasts a few years, at most. On the other hand, powder coating lasts for an exceptionally long time after its first application. It involves the application of a colored polymer resin powder and a curing process where the powder electrostatically bonds to the surface. This makes it resistant to chipping, fading, scratching, and other damage from the elements, impacts, and more. Powder coating lasts anywhere from 15 to 20 years, depending on the level of maintenance and handling. And whatever it coats can resist rust, corrosion, and more for a very long time.

It’s Safe and Green

Looking for an environmentally conscious alternative to paint? Powder coating lacks the volatile organic compounds, oils, solvents, and other harsh chemicals that paint and other coating processes contain. Furthermore, powder coating is efficient and saves materials since unused powder is easy to sweep up and reuse in future projects. Powder coating doesn’t contribute to air pollution or affect the water supply because the entire process is self-contained and doesn’t create any chemical runoff. And with proper personal protective equipment (PPE), it’s quite safe to apply.

It’s More Affordable

Powder coating costs more at the outset, but that’s only if you think in terms of now and not then. When you paint or hire someone to paint, you’re paying for the work, the time they spend painting, the paint itself, other supplies, and so forth. Unprotected paint may last 2 years or so at most, which means the process and its costs must start all over again repeatedly. When you pay for powder coating, you’re set for at least 15 or 20 years, with no need for second and third coats, stripping and sanding, or any other work. And powder coating covers more surface area with less material than paint, so the savings continue.

It Offers Plenty of Variety

One thing paint has over powder coating is variety, as you can mix and match all the colors of the rainbow and then some, right? Not so fast! Powder coating also allows for a variety of colors, as well as different finishes and textures. Color matching is possible as well, so powder coating can stay within your home’s, office’s, or facility’s aesthetic.

Those are just four good reasons to invest in powder coating.

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