Muncie Indiana: Tea Party Dupes Residents Again

MUNCIE, Indiana – In what has become a repetitive cycle over the past several years, the Tea Party, which uses the local “citizen organization” called Delaware County Citizens for Good Government, plays a month-long scam on city residents culminating with a giant lie on the residents who live on the south side of our town.

Residents for the two nights before the election, woke up to these fliers clearly indicating that if they vote NO on the school bus referendum, that the closure of Southside High School (SHS) would not happen.

1460240_10202163872796736_449031449_nLast week, in what could be called a really badly timed school board meeting, the majority of the board tipped their hats by indicating that Muncie couldn’t afford two high schools and Southside would be closed. This set off a blast on social media sites with angered Rebels claiming the four public meetings were a ruse. Many felt the Muncie Community School Board always intended to close SHS. City Council members were upset and didn’t want to see this happen.

So, the Tea Party took advantage of our angered south side residents and conjured up the scheme of lying to residents to trick them into voting against the school bus referendum. Did it work?

Of course it did…we checked the interactive precinct voting outcomes posted on The StarPress. You should probably take a look at it as well.

Once you consider the poorly planned vote a week before the bus referendum and then add in a deceptive letter by the Tea Party – it was a “perfect storm”.

Muncie Voice has reached out to several statewide experts on education reform, but we’ll wait and see which direction the community wants to go in before setting up a discussion forum. We’d like for Munsonians to hear it for themselves what has gone on across the country, and inside Indiana.

There is a planned rally this Saturday for Southside supporters who want to let the community know they want to save their high school. You can find more information on their Facebook group.

As an end note, if you get a chance, head over to website and do a search for the Tea Party and see how many listings you find for 2013. Keith Roysdon and Doug Walker write their political column and have for years, but you’ll see nothing with Tea Party associated with their names. How about Larry Riley? He always writes about politics and how slick politicians are within the democrat party, but not one search pops up with his name and the Tea Party.

Don’t you find that odd?

We don’t.

In fact, they never made the inference to the Tea Party and current Senator Doug Eckerty either. Even while his campaigners were calling Sue Errington a “baby-killer”, the local Gannett owned StarPress never once associated the Tea Party with those activities.

We’ve pointed out how they open up their pages to Michael Hicks from Ball State who always insinuates that Americans are lazy and receive too many incentives to stay home and watch video games versus working for a living. He doesn’t want the rich to pay more in taxes and claims Big Government is the problem. These are Tea Party beliefs. Do they refer to him as a Tea Party member? No.

What about the two from Indiana Policy Review, who get their funding directly from the Koch brothers who also support the Tea Party? Cecil Bohannon from Ball State University and Andrea Neal are never referred to as members of the Tea Party even though like Michael Hicks, Chris Hiatt, Jim Arnold, Larry Riley, former Mayor Sharon McShurley, and Fran Tucker all believe exactly like the Tea Party, why doesn’t our Gannett owned paper ever refer to them as members of the Tea Party so readers would know exactly who is writing the articles in their newspaper and who these members are within our community.

Are they embarrassed to be associated with the movement which has a leadership acceleration program for racists, sexists, bigots, Ayn Rand devotees, atheists and other white supremacy ideology to their front lines while sending 30 of them to Washington to serve our country?

We all see the pictures of them clapping and cheering together, so they must be proud of their membership. If so, why don’t they identify themselves as such in Muncie. Why doesn’t the crack investigative team of Walker/Roysdon shed some light on this situation?

We thought the purpose of a free and independent press was to hold both the public and private sectors accountable by informing the public – a mission to serve the public good. We think the public should know who is writing articles for their newspaper, and which community members identify themselves as Patriots.

Don’t you?

If you’d like a more in-depth article which really connects Muncie Tea Party with one of our local senators and those in Indianapolis, check out School Matters: Tea Party School Bus Hijack written by Doug Martin. He is one of he experts Muncie Voice would like to bring into Muncie to chat with folks who are interested in what is happening to our money and our public schools.

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  1. This is total bologna. Todd Smekens doesn’t like the local newspaper, The Muncie Star Press, because he’s banned from commenting due to incendiary, hateful comments.

    1. Actually, that’s not true. You’re more than welcome to contact them and ask. When I do comment, it’s through my Facebook account so people know who it is. I have nothing to hide and own my comments. Not sure why people would hide behind fictitious names to take shots at people, do you Brock?

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