Western Media Complicit With Government Lies – Implications

Western Media Complicit With Government Lies – Implications

Muncie, Indiana – While many Americans shrug off revelations the NSA is spying on us under the orders of our federal government, mainly by rationalizing, “They’re searching for terrorists, and since I’m not a terrorist, why should I be concerned”. Unfortunately, this stance is letting the trees obscure your vision of the forest.

This has implications because of who is complicit in this and who was not, and is not, reporting these violations to the people for which they serve.

Muncie Voice has repeatedly shared how inept our current journalism industry, or media industry, has become in the United States. It was established by our founders, and given constitutional protection, to keep the government in check without fear of retaliation.

As Thomas Jefferson wrote, “The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed corporations.”

Therefore, one of the primary roles of our government was to keep our economic system, the capitalist run private sector, in check. Our founders were especially worried about undue influence from the wealthy ruling class elite and religious dictates since they abandoned them in England, and fought against them in the United States for their independence.

The founders knew the wealthy elite and their financiers wouldn’t give up so easily, so they specifically set up protections to prevent it from happening here in the United States.

media consolidationUnfortunately for us, the journalism industry, our free and independent press has failed. It has not been independent for decades. We are not interested in arguing over the exact time this occurred in our history, but it has transpired.

Following the demise of the free press, it’s not a coincidence that we have experienced the systematic extraction of wealth from our communities with little or no questioning.

The Same Monied Interests Own Government and Press Industry

We’ve also experience the systematic corruption of our government from the same monied corporations who have purchased up our democracy and eliminated its opposition. There are no checks and balances. As Jefferson wrote in 1812, “Unless the mass retains sufficient control over those entrusted with the powers of their government, these will be perverted to their own oppression, and to the perpetuation of wealth and power in the individuals and their families selected for the trust.”

Our founders knew what would happen, because they specifically sought freedom from their oppressors.

As you may remember, Edward Snowden was the NSA contractor who downloaded thousands of files from the NSA once he learned of the massive spy programs being done by the government on both domestic and foreign people. He then contacted Glenn Greenwald and shared those files with him and Glenn has very professionally released around 30% of what can be used publicly without causing undue harm to foreign people. There is plenty more to be processed, vetted, and published.

Glenn Greenwald is Exposing the Media/Press Industry for Being Industry Shills

As Glenn releases these documents, he’s discovered most of his adversaries are American and British owned media companies. Glenn worked for The Guardian when Edward Snowden contacted him. As we’ve learned, the reason for this is simple – Edward Snowden knew he could not trust giving the documents to anyone else, or else he would end up in prison and his files would be destroyed.

Glenn has been hammered by both the American press and BBC. Some “journalists” have asked for his arrest as a co-conspirator to Edward Snowden – apparently their journalism professor in college did not explain to them how important their role is for American democracy. Journalists aren’t supposed to defend the wrongdoings of our government, they are supposed to expose it and hold them accountable as a service to the citizens of this country.

MSNBC Accused of Protecting Obama Administration

Most recently, Glenn was on MSNBC and was getting pushed for justification of his role in disclosing NSA secrets to the globe, and defending Edward Snowden. The interviewer was taking the stance, “Many people believe that you’ve crossed the line of the role of journalist when you defend his actions.” Listen to Glenn’s response – you be the judge.

Then in the past few days, in a keynote speech at a German computer conference in Hamburg, Glenn Greenwald told the audience this about his work in releasing the NSA documents:

“We knew in particular that one of our most formidable adversaries was not simply going to be the intelligence agencies on which we were reporting and who we were trying to expose, but also their most loyal, devoted servants, which calls itself the United States and British media,” he emphasized.

“It really is the case that the United States and British governments are not only willing but able to engage in any conduct no matter how grotesque,” Greenwald further underlined, adding that journalists tasked with reporting on those issues have all too often been compliant with the blatant lies made by officials from those governments.”

Don’t let your apathy toward high level spying by our national government also cause your indifference to what is happening within our country – neither our government nor our press/media represents the people. The media and our politicians serve the interests of the wealthy ruling class and nobody is holding them accountable.

Contrary to what Tea Party members believe, our government is not some runaway liberal conspiracy heading toward communism and tyranny, our government has become the legal and legislative departments for monied interests and the “independent and free press” is the public relations department for same monied interests.

Read what our U.S. Senator from Vermont has to say:

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