Oligarchy: The Military-Industrial Complex, Ep. 2

Todd Smekens
Middletown Media
Oligarchy: The Military-Industrial Complex, Ep. 2

A short trip through the formation of the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC). More of a brief description of the MIC and further details of an oligarchy as pointed out by Thomas Jefferson, later analyzed by Albert Einstein and then the warning by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

As for funding this beast:

Improving these laws will require tackling three legal — but corrupting — phenomena that skew public policy for personal and private gain. We have practical solutions for each of these persistent problems. First, close remaining loopholes to slow the revolving door between the Pentagon and defense companies. Second, end the rubberstamp approval of former military personnel working for foreign governments. And third, mitigate the risk and appearance of financial conflicts of interest for senior Pentagon officials.


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