Holistic Health for Expectant Mothers

Being pregnant takes a lot out of a person. While it’s an amazing process, it’s also one that is taxing on the body, mind, and soul. Thankfully, holistic health is a process works toward treating each of these areas. The idea behind holistic health is to treat the whole person in order to reach a balanced state of wellness, and many aspects of holistic health can help expectant mothers do that.

A combination of holistic health practices and addressing any modern medical needs as recommended by a doctor can help women through their pregnancy. Exercising, journaling, making natural choices, getting good sleep, and working to relax can enable expectant mothers to find a balanced state of wellness in their pregnancy.

Find the Right Exercise

In terms of holistic needs, exercise helps to aid the body, mind, and the soul in many ways. However, exercise is not always the easiest thing to do during pregnancy. Thankfully, there are plenty of low-impact exercises that work better for women who are expecting:

  • Gardening provides the body with exercise without being too vigorous. Not only that, but gardening is a very mindful activity that can help with relieving stress at the same time.
  • Yoga is another great exercise for pregnant women, and some studios even have yoga classes specifically designed for women who are expecting.
  • Swimming is also a very low-impact exercise and can be soothing for aching joints and muscles.
  • Walking is also an easy method of exercise for many. It can also provide an opportunity to decompress and practice mindfulness.

Each woman’s fitness level and pregnancy is different, so it’s important to talk to a doctor before trying any strenuous activity. While most pregnancies would greatly benefit from light exercise, some may not, so getting a doctor’s opinion is important.

Start a Pregnancy Journal

Pregnancy involves processing many emotions and experiences. Starting a pregnancy journal is a holistic way to improve a woman’s mental health and well-being through their pregnancy. A healthy pregnancy is more than just a healthy body; it’s about a healthy mind and being in a positive mental state. A pregnancy journal is a great way for a woman to write about her feelings, experiences, and notable changes in a mindful way.

Writing about the process is one way to stay in the present, which is a staple of being mindful each day. Though some aspects of pregnancy may seem to drag on forever, a journal will help to capture that time while also working as a tool to help you keep a balanced mind through the process.

Focus on Natural Choices

There are plenty of times where a doctor will require an expectant mother to take specific medications or complete certain procedures in order to have a safe pregnancy, but otherwise, a woman may want to focus on more natural choices through her pregnancy. Because many medications can’t be taken during this time, finding natural alternatives can be a big help for things like morning sickness or restlessness. For example, there are herbal teas that can help with common pregnancy ailments that are natural and safe to take.

The same is true for avoiding processed foods or toxic cleaning chemicals. A diet filled with natural, whole foods will be better for both mom and baby. Cleaning chemicals and medicines may be fine outside of pregnancy, but it’s best to stick to natural choices during this time.

Prioritize Sleep

Pregnancy is hard work, so many women feel fatigued early on and often into the second and third trimesters, as their bodies continue to change. Unfortunately, once the baby arrives, fatigue carries on as feedings and sleep schedules go into the night.

Sleep should be a priority for expectant mothers while it’s still available to them. Though it’s often hard to get good sleep at this time, it’s an important tip for maintaining a healthy pregnancy. A pregnancy pillow and some tea can help make sleep come a little easier. In terms of holistic care, sleep has a hand in keeping the body, mind, and soul in a healthy place.

Use Meditation to Relax

Stress is a common factor during pregnancy. Bodily changes, hormonal fluctuations, and the idea of raising a child can all lead to feelings of anxiety and stress. Stress can be hard on both an expectant mother and her baby, so working to relax is an important aspect of health during this time.

One way to do that is to work on meditating. While it takes time to master, it’s a tool that can help the body, mind, and soul. Holistic treatments that help connect physical health with mental health are why more counselors are embracing holistic practices. Meditation each day or during times of stress can work to increase mindfulness and reduce anxiety. It’s all about focusing on breathing, relaxation, and positivity.

Holistic health for expectant mothers is important not only for their own body, mind, and spirit but also for the well-being of their baby. These suggestions help to keep all parts of a person balanced. Though anyone can benefit from holistic care, it’s especially helpful for expectant mothers who have limited access to certain treatments or medications to maintain their overall health during their pregnancy. Thankfully, exercise, journaling, natural choices, good sleep, and meditation can help keep their mental and physical health in a positive place while they work on creating a new life.

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