Deutsch Bank Targets Remote Workers with New Tax

Corrupt Bank Wants a Tax on Employees to Offset Advantage of Remote Work

What makes this story so remarkable is that Deutsche Bank still has a license after using its bank to launder billions or trillions of dollars from drug cartels and Russian mobsters over the years.

Now, they’ve cooked up a new scheme targeting remote workers who are choosing to stay home due to COVID-19. It’s bad enough workers still have to conduct bank business during a global pandemic, killing even more Americans during this current third wave sweeping across America. The bank is calling its proposed scheme a “convenience tax.” Imagine that, workers! Since you’ve “chosen” to stay home to reduce your chances of catching a deadly virus, we propose to tax you for this convenience and redistribute to those workers who are coming into the offices.

The hypothetical tax has the potential to generate $49 billion per year in the U.S., as well as 20 billion euros for Germany and 7 billion pounds in the U.K.

Its goals would be to help support lower-wage workers who must return to their offices daily despite the global health crisis.

The Hill, 2020

Here’s an idea for the bank, since you won’t have to pay rent and utilities for remote workers being in an office, why don’t you take that savings and distribute it to frontline workers who are driving into work. We are tired of your capitalist schemes to rip off workers to maximize shareholder profits and boost CEO salaries. Take your studies and shove them.

As many environmental studies have shown, remote work is actually reducing our carbon footprint by cutting emissions. Areas in Southern California where orange smog covered the landmass due to traffic congestion almost immediately cleared up once cars and SUVs stopped traveling to work.

Maybe our financial oligarchy can use their creative resources to expand remote workers who would clean up our environment and eliminate the ugliness of tall skyscrapers with their names imprinted in our urban centers. And stop using your credentials to make it easier for illegal activities to occur on our streets.

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