My Case for Releasing Julian Assange Now

Our War Against the Truth Must End Now

We’re just now experiencing one of the most bizarre years or periods of time this earth has ever encountered. I am a consummate reader and contribute to several blogs. Like Donald Trump, I tweet all the time because it forces me to condense my thinking into concise words because we only get 140 characters. Someone asked me the other day, how could this mess happen to the greatest country of all time, and how did we end up with the worst president when we needed the greatest leader possible. There is a complexity of answers to these simple questions, but the one touchstone we need right now as a country is to release a fellow journalist/publisher Julian Assange from Belmarsh prison. Julian Assange symbolizes both our war on truth and our release from an oppressive state.

The Western Empires of the US/UK governments have been assailing a war against the truth for many decades. Our governments have gone from truth-seeking nations to manipulative empires. We’ve gone from a country with pride over our civic knowledge and application thereof to a country completely devoted to consumption for profit. We would acquire facts and evidence and present them to the public so we could make informed decisions. Whether consciously or not, we changed into the art of manipulation or dispensing propaganda. The Western Empire said, “See what those chaps in Germany just did there to our global citizens–we don’t trust you to make the right decisions.”

There are many good researchers who have picked apart this period of time, but with our empires making this conscious choice, our federal governments became more oppressive. The government didn’t feed us facts and let us decide what is best for us, it manipulated and controlled the evidence. The government told us what they wanted us to believe. The Empires did the thinking for us and then shaped public opinion through propaganda or social engineering. Many will ask, “How so?”

Through the media primarily. Advertising. Public relations. Education. Religion. Those who had the creative capacity to tell stories were hired by the government and industry to manipulate consumers. It’s all very oppressive and Orwellian but they didn’t know what they were doing. It was very subtle and took time. Or maybe they did know what they were doing and that’s why us taxpayers fund this giant industry which spies on us and the world. The only motive they would have for spying on us is they don’t trust the people.

Look at what’s happened to the purveyors of truth – the journalists. What is the demand for an investigative journalist? There isn’t any. However, the entertainment conglomerates pay a six figure salary to someone who reads a script on TV telling us what to think. They write the stories and then communicate to us the viewers. We consume news. We don’t take in facts, evidence, figures, and then use our own critical thinking skills. We are told a story. We seek out news from people who are appealing and tell us interesting tales which we agree with. It’s easy and not painful at all. In its worst form, we share a meme.

Well, Julian Assange came along and disrupted this world of control and manipulation. Edward Snowden yelled wake up they are spying on you, but the people on the TV told us to go back to sleep, it was just a bad dream. So, we did. In 2016 when Hillary Clinton’s emails were leaked to Wikileaks, how many people around the world went to look at them directly for themselves? CNN ran an episode telling their viewers, “Don’t go to Wikileaks, it’s a compromised site. Tune in to us and we’ll tell you what they said.” How many millions of viewers waited for CNN to tell them what the emails had to say?

Our intelligence community told us her emails were hacked by Russian interests who favored Donald Trump’s politics over Hillary Clinton’s. It had to be true because they said so on NBC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC. Donald runs to Fox News crying they are all “fake news outlets.” Isn’t Fox News also fake? Isn’t it just propaganda like all the rest of them who manufacture a story for their specific audience. If you don’t like the story being told on Fox, you can use your remote to find another story you agree with. Do you see what is happening?

There are many good truth-seekers out there starting to see it as well. When they come to the surface, the media pushes us to the fringe. Big Tech adjusts an algorithm so human eyes won’t see the story. After reading Nils Melzer’s (United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture) report on the torture being afflicted against Julian Assange while the Western media tries to rehabilitate the war criminal(s) George W. Bush, Colin Powell, et. al. is chilling. What should make it very simple for you to understand is our media outlets in this country are not pounding the airwaves about the assault on press freedom taken by the US/UK government. The freedom of the press is extremely powerful. If it was threatened, the press would be screaming the loudest, but they aren’t.

When the truth-teller is tortured and those committing the war crimes are able to walk freely among us, we are living in a false reality. The press isn’t holding our government accountable. The press is just as complicit as our government. If the press is phony, then what about their job of holding the powerful in government accountable? And if the government is phony, what about their job of holding the industry titans accountable?

This is not what our Founders envisioned when they distributed up the power in society. They specifically designated who was accountable to whom for what. It was all a delicate systems of checks and balances. It’s why Benjamin Franklin responded to the question of “What kind of government did you set up?” with, “A republic if you can keep it.” Guess what? Guess what happened to those checks and balances? Guess what happened to all those systems who were accountable to the people who set them up?

The United States of America and the United Kingdom need to release Julian Assange now and pay him reparations for the damage they’ve done to him and his family. And once that has been rectified, the press industry must reform itself to be the servant of the people. We don’t need them to tell us stories anymore. We need them to dig at the ugly truth within our government and expose all those layers and layers of corruption so we can fix the government so it works for the people as intended. Then our government can properly hold industry accountable. It’s not really complicated. It became complex when we strayed from the path of truth-seeking.

We the people live in an oppressive regime and we feel it every single day. And it’s not just in this country or the UK, it is happening all around the world. The energy of the people who occupy this planet is being obstructed or oppressed by the governments we all constructed to work for us. The problem is the governments around the world aren’t working for us anymore. We need to be set free – not constrained or oppressed. The touchstones are the journalists and truth-seekers who’ve been raising the red flags to tell us there is a problem. We shouldn’t be silencing them or sending them to sordid prisons. What kind of society imprisons and tortures our truth-tellers while promoting and relishing our manipulators? We need to thank Julian and ask him if he knows anybody that can do the same. These are our leaders. We should be following them down this path.

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Todd Smekens

Journalist, consultant, publisher, and servant-leader with a passion for truth-seeking. Enjoy motorcycling, meditation, and spending quality time with my daughter and rescue hound. Spiritually-centered first and foremost. Lived in multiple states within the USA and frequent traveler to the mountains.

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