It’s Not Democracy – It’s Capitalism in Decline

Hillary Clinton: The Queen of Propaganda Wants to Quash Disinformation

I would venture to guess that Hillary Clinton is the one character in Washington behind making sure that Julian Assange’s life is miserable as hell. She most likely blames him for her defeat against the reality show populist, wreaking havoc over the Republican Party four months after his loss to Joe Biden. Julian Assange stands for truth and honesty; Hillary Clinton is a manipulator who uses the media to her advantage. It backfired on her in 2016 because she screwed Bernie Sanders and progressives in the primary. It caused massive problems for her when the DNC leaked cables were revealed by Wikileaks and Julian Assange before the election. Once progressives learned the truth about Hillary, they failed to show up at the voting booth handing the victory to Donald Trump, who will most likely be referred to by historians as the worst president in America’s history.

Why The Guardian chose her to discuss “disinformation” coming from social platforms like Facebook is nothing but pure irony. Several journalists on Twitter caught this sadistic twist of irony. To be honest, I haven’t read anything related to her since 2016 except when intelligence is collected against her. I’m glad I read this clip of her interview.

Do Rankings Matter? Yes.

As most people reading Muncie Voice over the past two months have learned, I’ve pointed out the increasing sounds of war drums beating against China and Russia. The US media proclaims “Russian aggression” in Ukraine as a threat to Europe and NATO. Also, the US Media, “China is committing genocide” in Western China against Muslims. Neither of which is accurate, but we all know the role of our state propaganda is to manufacture the public’s consent for war against “evildoers.”

This all takes place in the US and Western media propaganda circles. Meanwhile, international polls have shown the US ranks 44th for press freedom, 25th as a democracy, and the world’s citizens see the US as a greater threat than Communist China or Russia. What answers are provided by the media for the discrepancies here?

Well, journalists have access to President Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, but none of them have been asked. I wonder why?

We’re An Oligarchy – Not a Democracy

Hillary Clinton does make a statement while she’s blaming Big Tech for the problem of “disinformation,” so let’s take a closer look at her response which says much:

The threat to democracy from these alternative realities is under particular scrutiny as China, a fast-rising power, promotes an alternative model to the world. Biden has suggested more than once that future generations will analyze this era and judge whether autocracy or democracy was more successful. Clinton agrees that the president has identified the defining issue of our time.

Democracies must demonstrate they produce results for citizens and stay united, she said. “There’s no doubt that the Chinese are basically making the opposite case that democracy is messy, things take too long, people are in and out of office, there’s no continuity, you can’t have the kind of fixed goals that can be moved forward in a socially cohesive way and therefore choose us. We are facing that struggle.”

Please remember that Albert Einstein told us in 1949 that the United States was an oligarchy — not a democracy. A Princeton study in 2014 concluded that we were an oligarchy with power concentrated in the hands of a few wealthy oligarchs. If we were truly a beacon of democracy, we wouldn’t be ranked 25th in the world, nor would our press freedom be ranked so low. However, we do have one gigantic military budget, so we love to say we are spreading “democracy.”

If you want to know what democracy looks like, I’d recommend looking at the Scandanavian countries because they are all ranked in the Top 5 as a democracy, for education, for happiness, for social progress, and education.

Isn’t this the crux of the problem? Since day one, our oligarchy, which has pretended to be a democracy, has not producing outstanding results for society. We claim “American Exceptionalism,” but even the smooth-talking Barrack Obama couldn’t back it up with any evidence of such. Any sort of equality has come under immense struggle from the beginning.

We might be the largest economy, but it’s always been about exploitation of the under classes. As expected of an oligarchy, the rich get richer while the working class gets poorer. Even though Thomas Piketty detailed our gross inequities within our society, the media white-washed over his conclusions. The pandemic came along and further exposed our weaknesses and the exploitation of workers. Capitalism required billions of dollars to make a vaccine and then had to be guaranteed profits. Then we rationed to the lesser developed countries because Big Pharma wanted to retain their patents.

The $21 million a year CEO of Kroger exposed the farce. At the same time, the media and politicians bragged about “essential workers being heroes,” when it came time to increase the minimum wage from extreme poverty to poverty wages, they whiffed. In California, the governor demanded that essential workers be given $15 an hour hazard bonuses, and the Kroger CEO closed his grocery stores. If we were a democracy, this would not be tolerated by the working class. Mass strikes would be the response.

Capitalism to Empire then Decline and Censorship

No, Hillary, the oligarchic-led US empire is not a democracy. The countries we control around the globe are not democracies either. We’ve installed leaders deceptively who endorse and force a brand of oligarchic-controlled capitalism on citizens protected by a giant military budget. We are imperialists and fascistic. The countries we control are almost all led by right-wing fascists. Our economic system extracts resources and relies on unsustainable growth while exploiting people and the planet. China and Russia are two societies that stand in our way of global hegemony, and that’s why war is inevitable with them. It has very little to do with democracy or autocracy. It’s about the greed of the oligarchy for more money and power.

As we see in our Republican-led states and countries we control abroad; dissent is being quashed. It’s not about the right-wing patriots, either. They are preparing for the dissenters – protestors of war – who will march against aggression overseas. The need to control the narrative or ensure a steady stream of propaganda from the oligarchy over the masses is advocated by the Clinton’s and other politicians under the guises of “quashing disinformation.”

What they don’t want is to be held accountable by independent journalists and activists. They will arrest and incarcerate anyone speaking against the oligarchy’s power and its thirst for more and more. It’s why they’ve arrested, tortured, and incarcerated whistleblowers and journalists around the world who dare expose the lunacy and hypocrites in charge.

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