Working From Our Spiritual Center

When the Tide Comes In, We Need to Tap Our Inner Resources

Even though we are entering the Fall Season, where the larger cycle of the Universe is beginning to slow down, there are still smaller cycles at the personal level. Maybe you are experiencing one now where life is rushing at you full steam ahead.

We can seem overwhelmed by too many things that need our attention, so it’s important to remember that the Universe never gives us more than we can handle. However, it may sometimes seem like it as we cry out, “Why me?” or “Why are you testing me this time?”

As pleasure seekers and pain avoiders, our first response is to escape from this rush of energy in our faces. However, escape is never the right solution. What seems counterintuitive at the time, but acceptance is the proper coping skill. Our best coping mechanism is to follow the reliable path to the peace and solitude of our calm center and anchor ourselves there.

We’ve been practicing awareness and mindfulness on a daily basis for this very moment. For these times, we have been practicing regularly so that our mind, body, and spirit will know how to find peace within. Even amidst the chaos, a deep breath can help us turn within to find the space to work from, the calm at the center of the storm. As the outside energy is thrust upon us, we can feel the stress and energy rising within. We can identify the fear of fight or flight to handle the problem arising. Our goal here is not to not become defensive and overreact, which is our emotional impulse.

We pause and tap into our inner resources, focusing on the needs of the present moment. You can even reassure yourself with a calm, positive self-speak. “We’ve got this.” Acceptance is our motive.

Inspiration Comes From the Stillness

Once we have centered ourselves or grounded in silence, we can ask the Universe for courage and strength. And by asking for strength and inspiration, our silence is the platform for creation. The answers will arise from the stillness.

Once we have collected the scattered energy and created space for ourselves, inspiration will strike, help will arrive, and what seemed impossible will either become possible, or we will find it has become unnecessary. The flow of the Universe and its perfect order has room to move into our lives.

Pause Before We Speak

This is a uniform spiritual tool of maturity across all philosophies and religions – restraint of tongue and pen. In the modern age, we can add restraint before pressing the <send> button.

Try to think before you speak, as this may help you avoid hurting other people’s feelings. It’s a good idea to figure out how best to express what it is you wish to say so that others can hear you without feeling provoked. It’s ‘responding’ versus ‘reacting’. I always thought my quick-witted remarks were an asset. Mostly, they were laced with barbed wire in the form of sarcasm which literally means the ripping of the flesh.

Considering the effect we can have on others can help us communicate more effectively. Thinking before we speak allows us to tailor our words in a way that ensures that the recipient of our ideas can hear us. Our audience becomes willing to listen to us if we can get our points across in a thoughtful and nonconfrontational manner (responsible). They become more open and receptive to our ideas when we share our thoughts with them, rather than demand that they listen to us. It saves us from having to apologize later when those guilty feelings arise.

Taking the Right Action

Since the universe can be chaotic at times, we may experience periods of existence in which we feel utterly powerless to control what is coming next. Taking a practical view shields our reactive selves from the stress this type of uncertainty can cause and helps us regain control of our destinies.

However, it is through calm pragmatic action, we strengthen our personal power by choosing to actively impact what can be influenced in our environments. And as we understand the futility of panic, we can wait out all that is beyond our control. This practical attitude with which you approach life today will aid you greatly as you face life’s daily challenges

Learning to center oneself is a practice we can fine-tune every single day. It’s best to work on introspection and mindfulness every time we feel stress or a sudden rush of energy. Then, whenever there is a disturbance in our inner peace, retreat to our spiritual center. There is a Buddhist teaching that asks us to become a pebble at the pond’s bottom during a storm. We can watch the surface ripple with wind and storms passing by, but we remain calm and observe what’s taking place.

What is the Learning Experience

After the thick has become thin again and the waves have moved away from shore, we have the opportunity to learn from the situation. For example, we can now ask ourselves the “why” questions to adjust or learn about our triggers.

Time for introspection. Perhaps we have taken on too much responsibility or made commitments out of obligation rather than insight. It could just be the ebb and flow and life, or we may be receiving initial life lessons in preparation for something extraordinary to come. Whatever the case, we know the best decisions are made when we work from our center.

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Todd Smekens

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