Looking Beyond Your Business Space for Improvements

When we think about creating the best business possible, most of us look inside to get things right. This certainly makes sense considering that even small changes like office renovation, play perhaps the most obvious role in creating a company that everyone loves. But, more and more business owners are also starting to realize that the true staying value of a company might also rest in what’s going on outside.

While they might seem like an unnecessary afterthought, external commercial areas certainly hold a lot more immediate sway, and thus survival capacity, than you might think. Hence why you could benefit from turning your green fingers towards the planting of this undeniable survival plus points, made possible by getting these areas right. 

Enhancing employee satisfaction

Loyal, satisfied employees are far more likely to be the best champions for your business, providing a reliable go-to for long-term clients, and also bringing invaluable knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to new sales. Office layout obviously matters here, but outdoor additions are important, too. On-site parking is especially a priority for employees who drive to work, while outdoor break areas can make a huge difference to productivity by providing a much-needed physical removal from the stuffy office. And, once you set your mind to it, you could soon enhance these additions in even small outdoor areas. 

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Providing a practical space

In many instances, outdoor areas can also provide practical space that, right now, is likely going to waste. Storage solutions like outbuildings can be especially useful for clearing up office clutter/storing spare chairs etc. when not in use. Business survival could also benefit from paying a little more attention here, with even small outdoor areas providing space for plastic water tanks and more that can prove fundamental in cases of fires, storms, or other potentially devastating disasters. Heck, you could even use this area to create a private meeting room with its own entrance, or how about an onsite daycare for working moms? The options really are endless, and they simply require a realization of the possibilities that this otherwise blank space has to offer. 

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Despite understanding the importance of curb appeal,  it’s surprising how many companies fail to also consider external areas themselves. In reality, though, parking lots and other outdoor areas can have even more impact than your building’s exterior when it comes to first impressions. Hence, well-kept parking lots complete with streetlights, hanging baskets, and hedge-lined walk-throughs can make a huge difference in ensuring that clients are receptive once they set foot inside. And that’s before they’ve even seen the joys of your manicured lawns, potted plants, and general efforts to impress!

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Thinking about yet another aspect of business appearances can feel overwhelming when you’ve already got so much on your plate. but ensuring that you offer the complete package has never been more essential than in increasingly competitive modern landscapes. Get these exterior priorities right, and you might just find that you soon enjoy way more conversions as a result.

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