New York Times is Top Rated Propaganda

Who Needs Public Relations Firms When the ‘Free Press’ Showers You With PR

As I’ve pointed out many times, the New York Times is the official newspaper of the US Oligarchy. Its primary purpose is to take what the Oligarchy wants and manufacture consent among the Elite Liberals in Washington and New York – mainly Democrats in today’s far-right world.

Critical thinkers use scientific methods to assess modern problems. Universal laws like Cause and Effect are intended to be used by critical thinkers, but the role of the media is not to help us along that path by reporting facts and figures – its function is to convince or persuade people (propaganda) to believe a certain way.

For instance, you’re not going to get a dissenting opinion of the Oligarchy printed in the New York Times. Instead, you’ll get confirmation articles to support the Oligarchy’s narrative or Eastern Elites. Are you with me?

Here’s why this is so important to grasp because the New York Times is the apex, or the top point, of the official narrative of US Oligarchy. They are the stenographers or reporters for what the Oligarchs want to get across to the so-called sycophants or upper crust who believe themselves superior to everyone else. You and I do not belong to this club. We are members of the working class.

The US Press is Propaganda for the Oligarchy

If you remember, during the founding of our Constitution, there was no committee comprised of women, slaves, immigrants, or the working class. Instead, the Constitution was written by “enlightened white men and Oligarchs.” This was NOT an exercise of “we the people.” Our structure from Day 1 was an oligarchy.

That means we are structured like a corporation hierarchy or a pyramid, but instead of one guy at the top (CEO), we have a small group of people (landowners and Robber Barons) and corporations.

So, when the New York Times asks the rhetorical question, “Why are the Democrats suffering from passing legislation to increase taxes on the Oligarchy, the truthful answer is because the Oligarchy, which owns both factions of the political class (Democrats and Republicans), doesn’t want to pay higher taxes, they manufacture an excuse.

In today’s newsletter, they make this incredulous claim, “A more plausible explanation than campaign donations, Matthew Yglesias of Substack argues, is that Manchin and Sinema sincerely favor lower taxes on the rich than Biden does.”

The NYT even titled this section of the newsletter, “Sincerity, Not Corruption.”

So, despite dissident journalists pointing out that both Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema has been flooded with corporate money from the Oligarchy since they protest high taxes on themselves and their wealthy donors, the NYT claims they are both “sincere” about keeping Oligarchic taxes at their lowest levels ever (This same crap of finding no connection [quid pro quo] between campaign donations and policy was once uttered by SCOTUS Jurist Antonin Scalia when he ruled that corporations were people and deserved free speech.), including the Top 50+ companies paying NO taxes:

The tax-avoiding companies represent various industries and collectively enjoyed almost $40.5 billion in U.S. pretax income in 2020, according to their annual financial reports. The statutory federal tax rate for corporate profits is 21 percent. The 55 corporations would have paid a collective total of $8.5 billion for the year had they paid that rate on their 2020 income. Instead, they received $3.5 billion in tax rebates.

Their total corporate tax breaks for 2020, including $8.5 billion in tax avoidance and $3.5 billion in rebates, comes to $12 billion.

Who needs public relations firms when the nation’s newspaper of record, or the beacon of press freedom, showers you with this kind of propaganda?

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