How To Succeed In The Repurposing Revolution

Content marketing, including blog posts, video uploads, and ebooks is now a non-negotiable aspect of any marketing campaign, with keywords, images, and links increasing the likelihood of relevant leads. Unfortunately, creating quality content takes time. As marketers often find out the hard way, those uploads can fall out of the top search rankings surprisingly quickly despite your best efforts.

Google’s preference for relevant, recent uploads especially makes it likely that even an SEO-optimized, quality blog post that took you weeks to write could retain its top spot for a lot less time than that. This is a marketing nightmare, and it’s the main reason why more companies than ever are currently looking into ways to repurpose content for enhanced value.

Fantastic for boosting interest, reaching a new audience, and saving you time, this business-based recycling scheme could certainly prove as beneficial to your business as plastic recycling is for the planet. But how exactly do you make sure that your repurposing efforts genuinely pay off?

Choose the right content

All content marketing should offer value at publication, but that’s not to say that every piece of content you’ve ever created is still relevant enough to suit repurposing. As such, the most crucial step that you need to take here is to cherry-pick the content that can best withstand a second use. For the most part, this means distinguishing evergreen content that doesn’t cover fad trends or otherwise time-specific information. Out of these, choosing pieces that ranked most popularly at the time is a sure path to success.

Get a new take on an old topic

If the same person who wrote a piece of content in the first place is the one to come back to it, the chances are that they’ll struggle to see a new in point. As such, it’s also worth approaching repurposing in mind of fresh outlooks. Turning to outsourced, expert services like the website and SEO Optimization by Olakai Consulting can prove especially useful for providing the most unbiased, success-led fresh perspective. Alternatively, entrusting a new member of your marketing team with the task could see your content refreshed, refurbished, and ready to hit consumers’ screens all over again.

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Take it to another medium

It’s also crucial to note that repurposing content doesn’t mean simply reposting that same blog article and expecting it to increase your hits. This is guaranteed to work against you in terms of SEO, but it’ll also leave consumers who read the initial questioning your value overall.

Instead, you want to take all repurposed content to different mediums that shake things up a little, much like Copyblogger, who famously reworked a top-ranking blog post into a SlideShare presentation to the tune of over 38,000 additional views—turning past blog posts into ebooks, podcasts, or even videos can certainly all help to provide that much-needed refresh, all while reaching an entirely different audience overall.

Repurposing is power in the current content world. Keep these pointers in mind to make sure that you get it right.

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