Are You Ready for AI Marketing?

AI marketing is increasingly done in the digital space. That digital space relies more and more on data to pinpoint people, interests and intersecting communication points when you can best reach them. One of the tools used to do this is artificial intelligence dominating an increasingly large share of marketing. Are we at the point where tech can come up with your entire marketing approach for you?

Finding your audience

Perhaps the clearest example of how vital data can be when it comes to marketing is when it comes to an understanding of your audience. For example, if you’re setting up a marketing budget, you want to make sure it’s used to specifically target those who are most likely to pay back on the investment by converting. Now, tools such as audience intelligence platforms can keep track of that data to give you better information and insights into your audience’s overall actions, preferences, and demographics so you can further sharpen your marketing to meet their preferences and hit them on the platforms they are using.

AI Marketing Assistance

The relatively primary use of artificial intelligence and data is that of the humble chatbot. Intelligent chatbots are becoming much more innovative when it comes to using the data in customer responses and their browsing data to provide answers that are much more insightful and accurate to their needs. As such, this could drastically diminish the need for live agents on the end of your support channels. Of course, they will still be needed if the bot doesn’t get the job entirely done, but more and more needs are being met by intelligent chatbots.

Predicting audience actions and reactions

The way that artificial intelligence can affect your marketing can go well beyond using customer and browsing data. An AI marketing company can use tools that even predict audience behavior ahead of time, taking into account market-wide changes that can help you find the best moments to interact with customers. As such, you can predict the perfect moments to reach out to convert them, offer support, send them an email with the right offer, and so on. Of course, your marketing content might still be your own to write, but the right AI marketing systems can help you get a good idea of when to press send and on what.

Buying AI marketing

It’s not just the moments of contact and the content that AI can be used to sharpen. For many companies using pay-per-click advertising, a lot of the work of even budgeting your advertising is being increasingly done by automated processes. Some marketing tools and social media platforms have these automated bids integrated into them, while others are using AI marketing platforms that buy media for them from different platforms to make sure that they can streamline their marketing budget as much as possible.

For the foreseeable, there will always need to be a human at the level of technology to make sure that everything is running right and provide some direction.

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