Entrepreneurs Aren’t Omnipotent

There is a belief among a lot of entrepreneurs that asking for help is a sign of weakness. Many people still think that to make yourself successful; you’ve got to fake it until you make it. But this is why asking for help is so important. Let’s show you where you will need to ask for help and how you should do it. 

When You Expand Into a New Industry

A new industry can pose a lot of questions that remain unanswered. For example, you may find yourself at the deep end because of the sheer variety of technical terms when it comes to mass manufacturing. After all, you should not expect to know the difference between a specific type of vinyl, such as 651 vinyl and 951 vinyl, because it is not your job. However, expanding into a new industry means that there is some carryover in terms of your entrepreneurial approach. Still, if you are really trying to fake it until you make it in an industry you know nothing about, you need to have people on board that can assist you.

When You Are Launching a New Product

A new product is not just to do with the technical specifications but a new product will be the benchmark on which your business could succeed or fail. A new product can be exciting, but without the appropriate launch and even the right idea at the outset, you could run the risk of catastrophic failure. Ensuring that your products go the distance is about conducting the appropriate legwork. This is where so many resources can be helpful. Entrepreneurs may need to contact a patent lawyer to deal with the legalities, or the design team to help you realize your vision; there’s a lot at stake at this key juncture. 

Who Should You Ask for Help? 

When you are in a position where you realize you need help, deciding who to ask is not always so straightforward. However, there are some key people to consider:

  • Your mentors. If you have started relationships with mentors, asking them for help is not just a great way to share your problem, but they will more likely know your situation better than anybody including yourself. Your mentors are people who have been through this before. 
  • Your friends. Similar to your mentors, they will have a good idea of how things are going. Asking for help when you need it is not just about having someone provide a sympathetic ear, but these are people that could step in and give you some well-needed perspective. 

How Entrepreneurs Should Ask for Help? 

Asking for help can encompass a number of different approaches. Here are some of the more effective ways:

  • Be quick and effective. Do not send a long email, that just be authentic. 
  • Communicate after the working day. Sending emails after 5 is the best approach. 
  • Offer them something first. If you need help offering something to the person you’re asking can help, as it will show you’re not looking for handouts. 

You may think you need to start outsourcing to benefit, but sometimes, asking for help can be all you need.

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