Principle of Sharing

As I highlighted in this week’s article about the U.S. oligarchy hoarding wealth, capitalism has a rising sharing economy. Think Airbnb and Lyft, but something is missing within these business models. Several economists believe they are a temporary fix for a longer-term, much-needed solution. I would agree with those economists.

My sharing perspective goes beyond making a profit from one’s excess resources or exchanging assets for money. I believe we are entering a new phase of global awakening by millions if not, billions of citizens. Citizens crave more from their leaders. In a recent article, we addressed global leadership emerging as an acceptable concept in the USA. If U.S. citizens embrace this idea, can you imagine how residents of Africa and Haiti feel about it? Even citizens of China and Russia might be onboard, considering their centralized leadership.

Spiritual Law

When I talk about sharing, it is more at the metaphysical level or spiritual law. Though many spiritual laws and principles are foundational to the emerging Aquarian Age, there is none more essential than the principle of sharing. Given the nature of the crises humanity faces, it’s not difficult to see why this is so important. Indeed, as a kingdom in nature, our survival may well depend upon it.

Today the resources of the world are mainly being hoarded by the privileged few and, as a consequence, the disparity between the rich and poor is ever-widening. This is true whether we examine it from an individual perspective or when contrasting the wealth of nations.

Indeed, the crises of humanity consist of imbalances of injustices to each other. Yet, the urge for sharing creates the proper relationship between individuals and nations. Given this, the growth and maturation of the Principle of Sharing is the hope of the future.

Individual Awakening

Paralleling this is the fact that we are collectively beginning to awaken to the soul within our humanity’s soul is the dimension of consciousness that helps us sense humanity‚Äôs oneness. Behind our vastly diverse outer lives, we are inwardly one. Initially, this awakening emerges as the recognition that we are one in kind, and later it evolves into a realization that we are the essence.

This awakening is essential because it propels us to find ways of living that can ensure the sustenance of all things, and it is from this soulful awareness that the principle of sharing can arise. For if we are truly one, then concern for the welfare of humanity as a whole will gradually supersede our tendency toward separative perception. Sharing then emerges, not simply out of philanthropic response but as a general attitude toward life.

It should be noted that the principle of sharing does not only pertain to economic fairness and resource allocation, for when the soul becomes increasingly fused into the fabric of human thought but the application of sharing is also broadened. The sharing of knowledge and time is also essential, as well as an empathic ear. These, too, are resources worthy of wise and compassionate distribution.

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