Wellness Elements For Bath And Body

What's Missing From Your Bath

Bath and body time is one of the greatest moments of the day and certainly the most relaxing time. It’s an excellent way to relax, give your aching muscles a break, and hydrate your skin. However, even when you’re taking a relaxing hot bath after a long day, you can still miss out on a few wellness elements that complete the package. 

After all, the more healthy habits you can keep in your life, the fuller your life will feel. Why not start with bath time; It’s an easy way to pamper yourself while adding self-care to your daily routine.

Configuring the Temperature

How hot do you like your bath? A lot of research has gone into bath and body time, and the current optimal temperature stands at around 100 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit – any hotter, and you risk ridding your skin of all the natural oils that keep it smooth and supple. And let’s not forget that it’s much easier and quicker to fill a bath with water at this temperature than to wait for it to get any warmer.

Similarly, if you’re someone who suffers from low blood pressure, soaking too long in a hot tub can make your blood pressure drop even lower, so watch out for your bathwater’s temperature. 

Checking Yourself for Health Issues

No matter your anatomy, bath and body time is the best opportunity to check yourself for signs of potential health issues. For example, you can take time to examine for testicular or breast cancer. Don’t be scared to do these kinds of checks; even if you find something that suggests your body is battling an illness, it doesn’t have to be the worst-case possible. 

But why is bathtime best for these checks? Because your skin is made softer by the water, you can feel more of what’s going on underneath the surface, and there’s far less friction. 

Additives to the Water

Finally, bath and body time is all about what you add to the water. In practicing wellness, there are a lot of different products you can invest in, all of which have their benefits for your mind and body, so it’s up to you to decide what to focus on here. 

When you’re feeling stressed, adding things like Epsom Salts or Coconut Oil works wonders. Lavender or Chamomile Oil is suitable for a long soak if you’ve got sore and aching muscles. And if you want to make your skin softer for longer, using Coconut Milk or a touch of honey will make all the difference. This is all about pampering your skin and you. Experiment and enjoy.

Your bath and body time rituals go to further your wellness, so make sure you keep the above points in mind the next time you lounge in the tub. A soak is excellent for your health.

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