Delaware County: The Tale of Two Mortgages

What do you do when a moving truck shows up in your driveway and people start climbing out of the truck to grab a dolly? Maybe you peer out your window for a few seconds longer hoping they will get back into the truck once they realize they are at the wrong house.

What do you do if they keep moving around the outside of the truck collecting boxes and start walking toward the front door? I suppose you could step outside to ask them politely if they’ll kindly get back into the truck because they are beginning to scare you. Or, maybe you grab your shotgun or call the police.

If you live in Delaware County, Indiana, calling the police might be the last option for you if you’re wanting justice. Depending on your skin color, and if you live in Muncie, the cops may show up, beat your ass, then help the strangers move into your house. Sound a bit far-fetched? Keep reading.

In most counties and states, a clear and legal title means the following:

A clear title is a title without any type of lien or levy from creditors or other parties that would pose a question as to legal ownership. For example, an owner of a home with a clear title is the sole undisputed owner, and no other party can make any kind of legal claim to its ownership. A clear title is also called a “clean title,” a “just title,” and a “free and clear title.”

A clear title is necessary for any real estate transaction because it firmly establishes who is the property owner. Title companies must do a title search to check for claims or liens of any kind against a title before it can be deemed clear.

However, in Delaware County, Indiana, the above definition may be a little more tricky. Especially when you have judges and lawyers creating mortgages and deeds out of thin air, like our Fed produces money for their Wall Street banks and our City produces economic development projects for Delaware Advancement Corporation.

Not just creating fraudulent documents, either. No, they have an entire production system going. Maybe they even believe what they’re doing is legitimate do to some form of denialism. Keep reading.

Corrupt Lawyers, Judges, and Staff

I’ve got reams of documents where the two suspended lawyers, Mike Quirk and B. Joey Davis, ran around Muncie producing fake documents and playing lawyers dating back to 2014. Even running fake trials in Judge Marianne Vorhees’s courtroom and in their former law offices. Judge Vorhees even hired an out-of-town transcriber to make it all look official using her courtroom as a stage while employees forged and/or removed pertinent pages from documents.

At the same time, they were calling in Delaware County residents to testify in sham court proceedings and taking depositions in law offices. Apparently, these fraudulent activities were being done for many others in Muncie and Delaware County. I’ve written about side hustles before, but this one wins for creativity and financial damage inflicted on the public.

According to my research, B. Joey Davis was suspended in July 2021 by the Indiana Supreme Court over an April 2019 bankruptcy case where he kept the monies owed to another party. It ended up being three counts of professional misconduct. The Japanese-owned StarPress claimed no other wrongdoings by Joey Davis even though Judge Feick had fixed a lawsuit against Joey Davis several years ago by this journalist because he owned a multisport company that stole monies from Tuhey Pool with the help of a local bank. Judge Feick “fixed that problem” for Joey and the former Mayor Dennis Tyler.

As for Mike Quirk, he only racked up three counts of wrongdoing according to Loretta Hunt on the Indiana Supreme Court causing his license to be suspended in August 2019. The “sleuth Douglas Walker” from the Japanese-owned StarPress claimed Mike “retired due to stress” doing no follow-up to see if these were isolated incidents or asked residents to step forward if they had been scammed by these shysters.

Does anybody believe these three cases are isolated incidents? Me neither.

How About Taking It All The Way to Sheriff’s Sales

These crooks didn’t just have help from a judge; they used sheriffs from both political parties. It appears that this scam has been running from the former Democratic Sheriff and Muncie Police Department to the now Republican Sheriff. Hey, no wonder everybody wants to run for sheriff in this county. There are lots of “side hustles” taking place where you can make extra money until you retire on the taxpayers dime.

I’ve been trying to get Republican County Commissioner James King to talk to me so I can ask questions but he refuses to meet with me. He recently announced that he was running against Sheriff Skinner who is mentioned in these documents as handling fraudulent mortgage documents at Sheriff’s sales of local properties. It makes you wonder how many foreclosed properties running through the newspaper aren’t even legitimate. If they do get caught, who is the judge fixing this mess? Which law firm can you take your grievances to when it’s all a racket in this County?

The Question is Who Isn’t Corrupt in Delaware County

After obtaining copies of the fraudulent documents and verifying their authenticity, along with the suspension of Quirk and Davis, I called the Federal Bureau of Investigations. My hope is to help all those being damaged by our fraudulent judicial system and law officers – all paid by our public tax dollars. I was told help was on its way. That was mid-January.

On Monday, I transferred the case to the United States Marshal at the US Justice Department. Not going to show any documents that will identify the sources until the authorities have their hands on the documents. I hope all these independent governmental agencies carry lots of error and omissions insurance. They’ll need it because I believe this one might be a class action lawsuit.

Furthermore, what about all the court appointed cases where these geniuses messed up causing false imprisonment at our county jail. The Indiana Supreme Court should be reviewing all the cases handled by these lawyers and judges in Delaware County.

On a local Facebook Group, I’ve heard that B. Joey Davis is still collecting legal fees from clients in Delaware County. There should be a website or Facebook page for all lawyers that aren’t practicing or who’ve been suspended or disbarred. The Indiana Supreme Court is derelict in their duties and so is the newspapers/media in this state. In addition, if a lawyer is suspended for any mishandling of funds, fraud, or unethical behavior, all their cases should be reviewed by the state which licenses them.

The media should be used to communicate to as many people as possible, especially those in jails and prisons. The media should not be whitewashing the fraud committed by these unethical lawyers and judges.

In closing

As with all articles on Muncie Voice, we will be updating as we move forward. We want to hear from other Delaware County residents who have experienced losses due to fraud committed by local judges and lawyers or lost their properties due to improper Sheriff sales.

Contact me through me encrypted email at:

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