Make Your Restaurant Environment-Friendly

There have been several talks, protests, petitions, movements, and so on concerning the state of the environment. Pollution, deforestation, and mass production of waste are some of the few ways the environment is harmed daily. This is why it is essential to prioritize the planet in your business and home. As a restaurant owner, you probably wonder what role you can play in saving the earth. Well, here are a few ways you can make your restaurant environmentally friendly. 

Reduce waste

Waste production is, naturally, a by-product of running a restaurant. Americans are said to waste about 40 million tons of food, of which restaurants contribute a staggering 43%. The increase in such waste leads to large dumping sites, the release of toxins, pollution, and other environmental and health hazards. The question now is; what should you do with the unfinished meals, used cooking oil, and other food waste your restaurant produces? An eco-friendly solution is to implement compost bins to help degrade food waste. Services such as GF Commodities yellow grease disposal service can help you properly dispose of your used cooking oil, and you’d be paid for it! Investing in a digital management inventory tool is also a great idea as it alerts you on which items are expiring and items you need to purchase.

Practice green cleaning

Cleaning your restaurant is essential. After all, no one would want to dine in a space covered in dirt and grime. However, some cleaning products may contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment. To ensure your restaurant is more environmentally-friendly, you should practice green cleaning. This simply means swapping out conventional cleaning detergents for those proven to be less harmful. When shopping for detergents, look out for Green Seal certified products, or you can browse through reliable online sources for green cleaning detergents on the market.

Reconsider your shipping strategy

That’s right. From your supplier to your mode of delivery, your shipping strategy can play a role in your efforts to make your restaurant green. By finding a supplier who believes in saving the environment, you are sure to receive more green solutions to your contractual relationship. You should also consider partnering with local suppliers. Transporting items from one point to another burns fuel. This, in turn, increases the total carbon emissions in the atmosphere, which negatively impacts the earth. By using local suppliers, you can cut down these harmful emissions drastically. If you need shipments coming in, you can reduce them to once a week and have items delivered in bulk.

Find innovative ways to save water

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Water is another big issue the environment is dealing with. However, it is an important commodity of daily life— especially in your restaurant. Finding smart ways to preserve water is a great way to make your restaurant eco-friendly. You should consider purchasing water-saving toilets and urinals that use less water for a flush. Investing in low-flow spray valves is also a good idea as it would ensure that you can conserve water as you wash your dishes.

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