5 Marketing Ploys Your Rivals Are Using

Winning in an industry is often less about products and more about marketing. When customers think they’ve found a great brand, they stick with them, come hell or high water. 

Here are some of the marketing ploys your competitors are using, but you aren’t — and how you can emulate them. 

Targeting Facebook Users Interested In Your Brand

If you run a successful company, there’s a good chance that you have a sizable following on Facebook. You might think that that’s the end of the matter, but it’s not. In many cases, your rivals are actually targeting your followers and trying to convince them to come over to the other side — not what you want. 

Of course, there’s nothing illegal about dastardly marketing practices like these, so the best defense is a good offense. If they’re targeting your users, go ahead and target theirs. In fact, do a better job of it. Make sure that there’s no doubt who’s boss in your industry. 

Disrupting Your Videos With YouTube Ads

Another common tactic your rivals use is to disrupt your organic marketing videos with their own ads. For instance, a user clicks on your video and before they can watch it, they see an ad from one of your competitors, explaining how wonderful they are. 

You may be able to get around this by taking it to YouTube. However, a better solution is to hit them right back with an ad of your own on their video. 

Sleuthing On Your Web Design

Your rivals know that they don’t need to reinvent the wheel to dominate their industry. All they need to do is be 10 percent better than you. Then they’ll attract 80 percent of customers. 

One of the ways they do this is by sleuthing on your web design. They use software that tracks every aspect of your site’s performance and then feed that into algorithms that inform how they set up their own pages. 

The trick here is to use a web design company to ensure that you become the industry leader. If you can maintain a continuous advantage in terms of web design, then your rivals will never be able to keep up. 

Using Your Email List Against You

You would think that there would be little that your rivals could do to disrupt your email marketing, but that’s not the case. Thanks to Gmail Ads, they can even ad bomb your emails, ensuring that they display their ads alongside your marketing materials. 

Again, it is a sneaky tactic, but it’s something that you can do right back to them. You can tap into their lucrative email list and display your products alongside theirs, pointing out how they’re much better. 

Promoting Their USPs

Lastly, your rivals spend a lot of time promoting their USPs — the unique things about them and making them stand out. Customers tend to latch onto these, believing that they are the be-all-and-end-all, even if they are not. 

Make sure that you clearly communicate the value that only you can offer. This way, you’ll attract more customers.

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