3 Valid Reasons Why Your Construction Projects May Delay

Construction project delay is a global problem in the industry, and the US is no different. Available data indicates that only 30% of construction projects in the US are completed without interruptions. This figure is quite small and exposes the effect of delays and the inconveniences accompanying construction work. Delays usually happen due to unplanned events, some of which can be more controlled. Below is a discussion of some causes.

Budget conflicts

Budgeting plays a vital role in any construction project. Without it, it is almost impossible to complete any construction stage. Moreover, getting the budget right from the beginning of the project can make all the difference in reaching construction timelines. However, even a well-thought-out budget can cause delays along the line.

One of the ways in which this happens is when the cost of building materials takes a sudden upward turn. In other words, even before the construction project begins or when halfway through, the building or construction manager may have to make some price adjustments. Another is when you need more materials than you budgeted. Ultimately, this affects commencement and completion dates.

Realistically, it is impossible to avoid budget conflicts. Thankfully, you can adopt helpful steps to minimize their impact. An example is always making it a mission to advise your clients about unforeseen circumstances. Regarding the construction budget, it is recommended to make provision for extra or emergency funds to forestall avoidable delays.

Faulty equipment

Tools and machines can break down at any time, and most, unfortunately, it can happen even without prior warning. Using different tools and equipment to aid work or complete installations during construction becomes imperative. For example, fixing a lift early in a high-rise building might become necessary. This way, when your cranes are faulty, an already installed lift can act as a backup to easily convey materials to the top. The most important thing at this stage may be to find a professional company like Sheridan Lifts installation services to ensure safety. However, in extreme cases, there may be the need to halt construction until any faulty equipment is fixed.

Natural disasters and environmental issues

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Even after studying the weather reports, you can never be too sure what Mother Nature decides to do next. Because humans have no control over the weather, it may seem quite unfair to take a swipe at the construction manager for delaying a project. Hurricanes, heavy rainfall, earthquakes, etc., are examples of unpredictable phenomena that can throw a wrench into the entire construction work.

In worst-case scenarios, a construction project already halfway through can suffer tremendous damage from a natural disaster. In the end, there is no choice but to commit time and resources to repair the damage. That can also push your timeline farther than planned.

To conclude, although project managers cannot escape from the reality of construction delays, they can still take steps to minimize the occurrence. The tips outlined here are excellent starting points.

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