Rainy Day Fun For The Family

Sure, there’s much to love about those long and sunny summer days, but we can’t expect every day to be like that. There’ll always be days when there’s nothing but rain, so let’s line up some hints for rainy day fun. Depending on where you live, that could almost be the default position. So it’s important that we have some activities in our back pocket, to ensure that we don’t end up bored all day. This is true no matter what your situation is, but it’s especially important if you have kids. No one wants to run the risk of children becoming bored and causing chaos! 

Thankfully, there’s a whole host of things you can do that’ll stop that from becoming a reality. In this blog, we’re going to run through some of the best ways to spend a rainy day with the family. With all of these available to you, you might just not mind if the rain lasts for a long time.

Get Baking

When it’s rainy, you should look at creating a cozy atmosphere. And what could be cozier than a home filled with the sweet scents of freshly baked goods? This is a fun way to spend the day because one, it’s something that your children can help with. And also, you’ll be able to enjoy the snacks that you create! There’s no shortage of delicious baked goods you could make; cookies, cakes, and pies will all go down a storm.

Movie Marathons

How often do you get the chance to just sit on the couch all day long without feeling guilty about it? There aren’t too many opportunities, but if the rain is falling and it’s a Saturday, then that’s just what you’ll have. If you’re going to do this, then look at doing it correctly. That means setting up a cozy and comfortable couch area, loading up on snacks, and choosing a few great movies to watch. There are plenty of classic family movies that’ll do the trick! In our view, there aren’t too many better family movies than the Indiana Jones series.

Visit a Museum

It’s raining, sure, but that doesn’t mean that you need to stay at home all day. There are plenty of places that you could visit! When a picnic in the park is off the table, look at spending time in a museum. No matter where you live, there’ll surely be at least one good culture center for you to spend time in. If you have a choice, then involve your children in the selection process. Some children aren’t natural fans of museums, so it’ll be best to go to one that was designed with families in mind. A Renaissance art museum might not grab their attention, but a science museum that’s full of interactive exhibitions will! 

Learning Days

You don’t necessarily need to visit a museum to learn with your family. You can do it from your own home! Of course, your children probably won’t like the idea of learning just for its own sake. They’ll want to have fun. But happily, there are plenty of educational-but-fun activities you can do that’ll have your kids learning without them fully realizing that that’s what they’re doing. For inspiration, take a read of the blog post, ‘10 Fun And Educational Counting Activities Kids Can Do At Home.’ There are plenty of ideas in the blog post that you can easily do at home. And with them, the rainy day won’t just be fun; it’ll also be valuable. 

Fun Games

Another option is to have a day of fun games. In this day and age, there are plenty of options. You could get one of the classic board games, or you could invest in one of the new family-friendly board games; they come out all the time. If you don’t have a board game when the rainy day arrives, take a look at downloading some games onto your phone. There are many group-friendly games available on the app store; Heads Up is one that comes to mind. In truth, we think the board game option is better because we probably all spend more time looking at screens than we’d like to. Plus, once you have the board games, you can play them for decades. They’re a great addition to any family home!

Memory Lane

It’s not all that often that we get to slow down and just enjoy the fact that we have nowhere to be and nothing to do. After all, it feels like we’re always moving forward. The next thing is always coming. A rainy day gives you the chance to fully embrace the present. And oddly, one way that we can fully enjoy the present is by connecting with our past. It’s rare that we have a space where we can take a trip down memory lane. But this is something that’s worth doing as a family. For one thing, it’ll remind you of the tremendous journey that you’ve been on that led to this moment. And it’ll also show your kids what you were like before they came into this world. You imagine that people have been gathering in cozy corners to reminisce over days gone by for thousands of years. We don’t do it as often these days, but we can — and what better time than when rain is falling? 

Crazy Dance Party

Looking for something that’s fun, energetic, and all-around positive? Then a crazy dance party could be the way to go! It’s the simplest thing in the world. All you need to do is put on a few favorite songs and, well, dance around. Go as crazy as you like, and then sink into the couch after. 

Letters To Friends and Family

In an age when everything seems to be tech-oriented, many traditional skills have been lost. Could your rainy day inside provide the opportunity to bring them back to life? We think there’s value in doing so! Let’s take letter-writing, for instance. This is something that people have been doing for centuries, yet in the space of one generation, the practice has basically been wiped out. But it’s still very much possible to write letters. If you’ve got a pen and paper, you’re all set! Take a look at writing letters to the people who will value them the most. We’re sure your children’s grandparents would love to get a letter in the post from their grandchild. 

Go For a Walk 

Finally, why not consider going for a walk with your family? Yes, it’s raining, but it’s only water. If you’re wearing waterproof clothing, you’ll find that the rain poses no threat to you. Remember, there’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing! Of course, you might not want to go out all day. But an hour-long trek can be extremely enjoyable, especially since our surroundings can look and feel so different in the rain. Plus, you’ll be extremely happy to get home after you’ve had your fun. Once you’re back, it’ll be all about putting on comfortable clothes and making a round of hot cocoa for everyone. 


The rain doesn’t always get the respect it deserves. In fact, many people want it to stop raining as soon as it begins to fall. But rainfall does present an opportunity to have fun in ways that people don’t generally have fun. There’ll be plenty of time for summer adventures when the season arrives. When the weather is slightly wetter, take the opportunity to sink into all the pleasures of domestic life with the family.

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