Top 3 Reasons Workers Are Quitting On You

Are workers quitting via emailing you or handing in their notices? It’s happening more and more frequently, meaning your business is a merry-go-round of workers coming and going. The good news is that you’re not alone. It’s happening to a lot of companies right now. The bad news is you really can’t afford to keep spending money on recruitment and onboarding. 

Therefore, you must get to the bottom of why employees keep quitting. Here are the three principal reasons most workers quit their jobs.

A poor work environment

Workers quitting can relate to a poor work environment. But, of course, a few factors come into play here, such as office cleanliness, other employees, and the general feeling in the room. 

If you put no care into maintaining your office, and it’s always filthy, an employee will hate this. It makes them feel sick working in these conditions, and they hate that nobody else seems to care. Likewise, if there are loads of rowdy employees making crude comments and jokes, some of the quieter ones don’t enjoy working with them, so they’ll leave. 

Two simple solutions can help you deal with this problem. Firstly, work with a commercial cleaning company to keep your office tidy and hygienic. Secondly, hire people for cultural fit. This ensures that like-minded people with similar interests work for you. Thus, lowering the chances of people clashing and not getting on with one another. 

Different job responsibilities & duties

Many employees quit within the first three months of joining an organization because their duties don’t match the ones given in the job description. 

It tends to happen that someone gets hired under the assumption they’ll be doing one job, but they need to do multiple additional jobs. Instead of only working on the marketing side of things, they are made to do some admin and financial tasks. This isn’t what they signed up for, so they leave. 

Avoid this by being super clear on your job descriptions’ possible roles and responsibilities. This way, nobody can act surprised or be annoyed when they have to perform specific tasks. 

No career development

Finally, one of the biggest reasons people will quit your business is that they feel there are no options to develop their careers. Their role is stagnant, and there aren’t any opportunities to train or climb up the career ladder. 

Let’s face it; nobody wants to do an entry-level job forever. However, if you start offering promotions, salary improvements, and other ways for your employees to develop, they will stick around for much longer. 

Employee retention is about making your company worthy of its time and talents. Please give them a good place to work with a great environment, lots of friendly coworkers, and room for career growth. Ensure you don’t lie in any job descriptions, and you will do a much better job of hiring employees that stick around.

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