Julian Assange’s Extradition Speaks Volumes

When UK’s Home Secretary Priti Patel approved the extradition of Julian Assange to the United States yesterday, she showed the world that her government, and all the Western Democracies pointing fingers at Russia and China, are liars. She confirmed what some of us already knew – the politicians and media aren’t working on the people’s behalf but represent the interests of an oligarchy with military and surveillance powers.

Raging Propaganda

Amid a proxy war in Ukraine with Russia, harsh words about human rights violations in China, and new labour leadership in Australia, the AU/US/UK governments have shown they are hypocrites and we cannot trust them. They all make grand speeches about truth, honesty, morality, human rights, press freedom, and democracy. All lies. Their words are meaningless.

Furthermore, the silence around this case from our “news industry” speaks volumes. The media has only been loud when it was manufacturing false evidence to smear Julian Assange. That was their role.

The criminal case against him was fabricated but served the oligarchy and their government puppets well. Most global citizens tossed Julian to the side as a criminal in hiding.

A True Free Press

However, those who were students of the truth and deeply understood the role of journalism, knew that Julian Assange represented the pinnacle of the profession. His role at Wikileaks was the passion of every investigative journalist and publisher on this Earth – to seek out the truth and publish these uncomfortable truths so the people can make informed decisions. Thomas Jefferson wrote endless notes and letters explaining the importance of the free press in a democracy. It’s why he made sure that right was etched in the Constitution – the Fourth Estate.

Albert Einstein told us in 1949 that our free press was non-existent. Noam Chomsky confirmed it in the 80s. Priti Patel stamped its death in ink on June 17, 2022. Priti has even introduced legislation in the UK that would make journalism a crime if it could be proved that it hurt any government on the planet. What kind of rubbish is this? What is Priti Patel scared of or who is she protecting?

The Assange Case is Simple Revenge

The entire case surrounding Julian Assange is a revenge plot by the United States Military Industrial Complex (MIC), which was embarrassed by Assange and Wikileaks for publishing a video of US war crimes committed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead of owning up to the crimes in 2010, they’ve made the lives of the whistleblower (Chelsea Manning), journalist, and publisher a living hell.

The MIC spied on Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London during visits with his family, lawyers, physicians, and other journalists. The US government, under the direction of Mike Pompeo and Donald Trump, planned the assassination of Julian Assange with CIA officials. When spying wasn’t enough, the US seemingly bribed the Ecuadorian president Lenin Moreno to turn over Assange to UK police so they could hold Julian in a maximum-security prison in London when he has never been convicted of a crime. Moreno has been in hiding fearing for his life due to his betrayals.

These elected officials represent the people who voted for them. The free press consists of brave journalists who hold the powerful people in government accountable to the citizens who elect them. Julian Assange did that job better than any journalist in the world. He perfected his craft at Wikileaks with encryption to protect sources, and the data received. He hires lawyers and top journalists to scour the documents to ensure their authenticity and credibility. So why go to all this trouble?

He knew the people he held accountable were criminals, and they controlled our government. He knew it would cause backlash and problems, so he checked it for accuracy to avoid lawsuits. The governments and criminals Julian exposed are not suing him for publishing false documents. These people have all the money at their disposal and could easily sue Julian Assange and Wikileaks if they published false documentation hurting the government. They didn’t do that!


Rather, they’ve been using the powers of our government to torture him for exposing their crimes. Explain to me how the Western Democracies are different than authoritarian rule in China and Russia?

As I’ve said over the years, it’s not always what you hear and see that’s important, but it’s reading the silence. If your news channel isn’t talking about the Julian Assange case and why it’s important to them and you, you’re listening to propaganda owned by the oligarchy punishing Julian Assange. It’s that simple.

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