9 Organic Ways to Relieve Stress After Work

It can sometimes feel like all you do is work. But work you must, if you want to support yourself and your family. While you might love your job, you can become overwhelmed sometimes. So you need to relieve stress after work all day. Here are some of the most straightforward.

Hemp-Based Products

Far from smoking a joint, hemp-based products are derived from the cannabis plant but don’t include anything that gets you high. THC is the active ingredient in weed, but it is removed from hemp. Standard hemp products include popular CBD items that you can order from many reputable sites. These include gummies, teas, and vaping products. They can be expensive. But you can get CDB coupons on numerous sites to reduce the cost. A 2019 study found that hemp is excellent for stress relief and anxiety reduction.

Herbal Teas Help Relieve Stress After Work

If you are on the fence about CBD, then you can always try soothing herbal teas. The list of teas all over the world is far too long to put here. But there are some standout teas that are known for helping reduce stress and anxiety. Lemon balm has been used for thousands of years and helps with stress and relaxation. In tea form, it is believed to have the same effects as concentrated doses. Since you might need to reset your brain after a stressful day at work, rosemary tea helps with brain health. Finally, Valerian root tea will help you get a good night’s sleep.

A Hot Tub with Organic Bath Soaks

For millions of people, there’s nothing better than taking a hot bath to relax. Bathhouses have been around for thousands of years and are a great way to socialize and reap the benefits of hot water. However, sitting nude with strangers isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and you might prefer some privacy. Filling the tub with hot water and adding in some organic bath soaks is an option. Hot water has many benefits, such as boosting circulation, relaxing muscles, and aiding with congestion. In addition, organic bath soaks contain antioxidants and healing properties.

Spend Time with Your Family

Humans are social by nature, and we need interaction with others for good physical and mental health. Studies have shown you are more likely to develop severe issues like obesity, CHD, and Alzheimer’s if you are lonely. And while you might socialize at work, it’s not quite the same as spending time with loved ones. Spending time with your partner or children helps strengthen bonds that are essential for a positive outlook on life. And it only costs time. Walking in the park, playing catch, or playing video games with your family lowers stress and is time well spent.

Exercise in Different Ways

There are well-documented benefits to all types of exercise, so they won’t be listed here. But there are many different ways you can exercise to keep yourself stress-free. Some of the best ways to exercise to relieve stress include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Take a brisk walk in your favorite park.
  • Jog with music to clear your head.
  • Swim laps or with your kids.
  • Cycle as a family.
  • Take dance lessons with your partner.

These are fun exercises that prove working out doesn’t have to be high-intensity. In fact, a high-intensity workout can cause more stress if you aren’t used to it. And this will defeat the point entirely. So instead, exercising outside boosts your mood as you take in some nature.

Watch Comedy or Do Something Silly

As humans, we can’t help laughing at something we find funny. While humor is different for everyone, laughing is the same. Laughing is a natural way to relieve stress, and when you laugh, it affects your body. Your heart, lungs, and muscles are stimulated by laughter. And your brain releases more endorphins, which improves your oxygen intake. In turn, you experience a natural high with no adverse side effects or hangover. In short, you get drunk in life and feel good. Which is kind of what it’s all about anyway, right?

Listen to Music You Love

For many people all over the world, music is like a drug. That’s because music releases serotonin into your system. Serotonin makes you feel great when you do something you like, such as eating or dancing. Research has also shown that blood flows more easily when listening to music. This helps reduce your heart rate, lower blood pressure and decrease cortisol. Cortisol is the opposite of serotonin and makes you feel depressed. When your serotonin and cortisol levels are balanced, you experience stress relief and a mood boost.

Relieve Stress After Work with Good Quality Food

Who doesn’t love to eat? Eating great food is one of the joys we can be thankful for that separates us from animals. Although some cats and dogs get treated a little better than they should these days. Minor gripes aside, you can significantly reduce stress by eating your favorite food. As mentioned, this releases serotonin and reduces cortisol, much like music. As a result, a good meal can make your worries just disappear after a bad day at work. However, this can become an addiction, so try not to use food as the only method of stress relief.

Do What Gets You Through

There are many stress-relief and mental health organizations globally. But the UK’s Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) has one of the best pieces of advice; do what gets you through. Essentially, the best way to relieve stress is to do the things you enjoy. Of course, this is different for everyone. Painting, playing video games, or photoshopping images. Whatever you love doing, enjoy your hobbies, and make sure you set aside some spare time for doing them. Remember, however, that a hobby should fill your spare time, not take it.


You might find that you work all day and have little time left for yourself. But the little time you do have should be used wisely. Try to relieve stress after work or at the weekends by doing the things that help. These include using stress relief products, exercising, and doing what you love.

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